Gambling Stories

Slots, Poker, and Roulette are Most Popular Casino Games

Thanks to the advent of online and mobile casinos casino games can now reach a wide audience all around the world. This means that hundreds of new players have started to enjoy casino games over the past few years, and as a result new casino websites.

American Idol

There is a problem when it comes to voting for the winner of American Idol. Due to the blocking of the system and a constant influx of calls, the phone line systems are unable to handle the number of calls that are trying to come through. There is some concern that this type of problem may extend to the online gambling world and that some sites may become jammed.

AOL Tracks Insider

As another reminder of the importance of keeping one’s identity and computer information protected, two individuals have been charged with stealing more than eighteen million user names from America Online. AOL remains committed to their customers and their security. It is noted that the lists stolen did not contain credit card information, just names, phone numbers and zip codes.

Bingo Boogie

Angela E was the latest big winner of Bingo Boogie, becoming the second big jackpot winner for the game. With chat monitors and new games, the Bingo Boogie website has become very popular. While the jackpot has been reset, it’s only a matter of time before the next jackpot winner makes their presence known.


BT Hypes UK Gambling

BT, also known as British Telecom, made an appearance at the Las Vegas summit in order to highlight investment opportunities which would be made available through the Gambling Bill Britain. BT is a sponsor for the legislation as well. BT hopes to assist the gambling industry by providing newer and more advanced technology solutions.

Deal or No Deal

The television show Deal or No Deal has generated so much success, there is a slot machine based of the game to bring the fun of the show to casino environments. Kevin C is one of the big winners of the game and is still trying to come to terms with his large win. Diamond Bonanza and Tycoon Treasure are other games which have resulted in large cash payouts recently.


No Average Joe

Joe Gibbs has returned to Washington, leaving many to speculate how this change will affect the game of football. Seen as a master of old fashion football plays, Gibbs is expected to turn things around for his team and stir things up. Also discussed is the ways in which Gibbs will be trying to connect with his teammates to ensure that they understand his manner of football before the games that count begin.