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Nothing stands in your way to win big. <br>Having read the comments on the article by Tharika dated 30 March, we continue to discuss the subject Gambling & Family and present an alternative point of view
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So should husbands or wives be granted the right to ban their unwilling spouses from casinos to prevent them from gambling?
Life is an eternal game. That annoying alarm-clock in the night… Traffic jams in the morning… Your `favourite` boss in the office the whole day long… Long boring hours of hard work… And two or three more hours left to enjoy the nice things that life offers. …Before the alarm-clock rings again. The vicious circle?

Is there a way out? Is there something to help us out of this?
Yes, there is! Love. Friends, children… But how to warm up your spirit and mind? Maybe crash a couple of things or have a row with someone? Have a drink, or maybe go out with your friends, wife and children. Everything is Ok as long as you manage to control your fears, stay cool and do not miss your chances to win big. Your sweetheart frowns at your going to casinos? Is there no other way to have it your way? Life is short – enjoy its every moment. The ancient wisdom of the Greeks still holds true today. Follow their advice, act immediately and let your imagination fly.

Once you are done with your work, try to squeeze the best in your free time and give yourself a treat. What is a casino in the long run? It’s the place where you can buy yourself your happiness. And the motive of this purchase arises from the most mysterious human urge – the quest for fortune. Spending money to higher your spirits is a pleasure. And you never know when it will come up trumps for you and bring you a lumpsum of money.

Don’t say your wife (or husband) objects to your visiting a casino. They do? Take her or him with you. You will have a delightful time together. Just remember to be gentle but resolved. And your `significant one` won’t have a chance but to jump the wagon. Be aware of tricks and play your cards right. If you are the one who has reservations about gambling you better go out together with your spouse! At least because you have never been to a casino. You might change your mind when you see what it is like. Just try not to pay over the odds.

P.S. And never choose yellow, guys. Only red or black.

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