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3 Card Poker Strategy

3 Card Poker GameSaying that there's a strategy to playing 3 Card Poker is a little bit misleading, because really, the only control that players have over their game is how much they're going to bet. As a result, the only strategy that players can implement relate to when to bet and how much to bet, and there are some specific rules to keep in mind that will increase players' odds of receiving a big payout.

Players should keep in mind that in 3 Card Poker that betting small won't win a big payout here, but winnings can be accumulated with a pay hand of some denomination distributed to player's about 25% of the time, which are decent odds!

Betting in 3 Card Poker depends on the type of risk that players are winning to take. Win/Loss betting is a more riskier approach than Ante/Play; to bet conservatively on Ante/Play two units are sufficient while in Ante/Play a conservative bet is merely one unit that can be used on Pair Plus or equal bets. To bet more aggressively in 3 Card Poker, players can bet more on Pair Plus than Ante play, and can even gradually increase their bets as the game goes on and they are finding themselves experiencing some lucky bets!

Ante/Play 3 Card Poker Strategy

  • To start a game of 3 Card Poker, Ante bets are placed by all players at the table and they must place the bets in the designated spots on the table layouts
  • When placing an Ante bet in 3 Card Poker, players can place any bet that fall within the table limits posted
  • Once the Ante bets are placed by all players, the dealer gives each player at the table three cards each which are dealt face down
  • Players can look at their hands once their cards are dealt and then they have a couple of options. They can fold, throwing their cards back, which causes them to lose the ante bet that they placed initially; or they can keep the game going by placing a bet that's equal to the ante in the designated betting area listed "play" on the table layout
  • 3 Card Poker StrategyAfter all players who want to continue have made their "play" bets, the dealer turns over his cards. In order to play against the active players, he has to have a hand that's Queen High or better. If he doesn't have this hand, he has to pay all of the players even money on their ante bet that they placed, and players with a hand of a straight or better receive bonuses
  • If the dealer has the Queen High or better to qualify to play, all players who have a hand that does not beat the dealer loses all of their bets, however, they can receive bonuses if they have a straight or higher even if it doesn't bea the dealer's hand

To improve strategy, the only thing that players can do is know what the best hand is for the better long-term results when they choose to bet beyond the ante. Players who have Q-6-4 or higher have the best chance of winning against the dealer and should always choose to make a "play" bet. Players should not play hands that are any lower or cards with negative expectations like cards between Q64 and KQ10 - this means that these hands are not to their benefit whether they choose to play or not!

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