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Slots Strategy

Slots GamePlayers who play slot games know that it's completely random and that winnings can never be guaranteed no matter what type of strategy you try to apply. But there are some Strategy surrounding bankroll and play that will keep players with money in their pockets for longer, which stretches out the time that they play. Strategy surrounding Slot games focus more on prolonging the entertainment of the activity rather than hitting the jackpot, but that could still happen when some of these Strategy are implemented.

Here are some tried and true Slot Strategy that will help players win, or at least lose a little bit less:

  1. Pick machines that have a track record of high payouts. Look at the payout percentage of each machine either by observing other players or by reading the information that is made available.
  2. Be aware that tight and loose slots might be intermixed - loose slots are those with more regular payout percentages, but it doesn't mean that because one type of Slot game in an area is loose that all the ones around it are. In fact, they are intentionally mixed together because players can make this assumption
  3. Sign up for a casino's players' club - most online casinos and brick and mortar casinos offer a players club. They won't increase a player's likelihood of winning, but often cashback offers or other freebies are offered that can make players' money go farther
  4. Bet the maximum coin every time you pay - payout percentages are based on maximum coin results as jackpots are only available to those who bet the maximum number of coins for every pull
  5. Play at single payline machines since they are less expensive to play. When they're less expensive, you'll be more likely to bet maximum coin giving you a better opportunity to win the jackpot. It can also make money last longer when playing!
  6. Don't play progressives - they often have a lower payout and won't benefit the casual player
  7. Set your limit - before going into the casino, have a maximum that you're willing to spend at the Slots. Have a set number, and even if you win, don't bet anymore than that so you go home with some winnings in your pocket. To help with money management, don't use casino credit, stick with your cash, otherwise it will be harder to keep track of what you've bet
  8. Set a maximum for each machine - spread your money around to try your luck. Decide how much you'll spend on each machine and move on once you've hit that quota.
  9. Slots StrategyGamble following a weekend or holiday - some players believe that when casual gamblers hit the casino, they won't play maximum coins which means that Slot games are just ready and waiting to hit the jackpot. This is just a belief in Slots and cannot be proven, of course!
  10. Understand that simple slot machines (which take only one coin per pull) don't have working Strategy - play for fun and cross your fingers for a win
  11. Don't use maximum bet strategy on Slots with 3 or more reels - this will reduce your bankroll quickly, and will therefore reduce your odds
  12. Choose games for your budget - if you have a small bankroll, look for Slot machines that have a maximum bet of only one or two coins
  13. Stick to games you know and like - don't just focus on the chance to win, Slot play is about entertainment, so choose games that you understand and enjoy!
  14. Take a risk - if you've got the bankroll, try a couple of pulls on a high roller machine, Read the machine, make sure you understand the payoff schedule on any slot you play, you will avoid disappointment. Once you have done this you will avoid certain machines.

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