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Lottery Strategy

Lottery GameThe lottery is a simple game that virtually anyone can play, provided they are the legal age for gambling in the country where they want to play. It's a game of luck and chance and only requires that players choose a set of numbers which are then drawn randomly, and the more matches they have in the numbers they've chosen to the ones drawn, the more that they have the chance to win! There is no real strategy particularly since the balls with numbers drawn from the lottery wheel come out randomly and there never seems to be any consistency or patterns with the way that these numbers are drawn.

Although there really is no way to increase your chances of winning at the lottery, there are some Strategy that are believed to perhaps slightly increase the odds in the player's favor:

  1. Choose numbers on the lottery ticket sheet totally at random. You might be tempted to choose numbers that are all in a row or in a pattern on the sheet, but it's believed that this is a strategy that can work against you when playing the lottery. It's a disadvantage whether you pick numbers directly grouped together in rows or columns, or if you form another pattern like a zig-zag, circle, shape. Just choose the numbers randomly!
  2. Choose numbers that you haven't played and won with before. The likelihood of the same numbers reoccurring more than once in the lottery are pretty slim, so if you've won with a certain combination, don't consider it lucky, because it will probably never pop up again. Playing numbers on more than one occasion can be okay, provided you don't play them with others that you have won with
  3. Make sure that you pick numbers that do go higher than 31 so you have a wide range on your lottery ticket to improve your strategy. This means that you shouldn't just use birthdates when picking your numbers to play the lottery since they keep you bound to the lower ones
  4. Lottery StrategyRemember that you have to use each number only once. Most lotteries won't allow you to repeat numbers anyways, but doing so will directly work against you since there is only once ball with each number when the lottery numbers are drawn; so you'll never find a winning combination with 2 of the same number
  5. Make sure the numbers that you choose are not consecutive. Even 2 numbers in a row can be a huge disadvantage
  6. Some people believe in playing all odd or even numbers, but it's best to have a mix of both odd and even numbers to improve the likelihood of wining at the lottery
  7. If you can't use all odd numbers, it's reasonable to say that all even numbers should not be used either. Odd and even numbers played don't need to be in the same amount, but there should be a reasonable combination of both
  8. Use numbers in the full range. The range of numbers you can select from in the lottery depends on what's offered, but make sure you have numbers that are at all places in the range!

Again, since the lottery is based on luck, the chances are slim that these Strategy will result in a big win - but they might at least slightly decrease your number of losses and give you a few small wins, even if it's not the jackpot, and in any case, it doesn't hurt to try!

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