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Bingo Strategy

Bingo GameBingo is a game that people of all ages can play - it's very simple and straight forward to learn and play, and really requires no skill since it is based entirely on chance. The only real skill required is to keep up with the number/letter combinations called and mark them off on the Bingo cards.

Bingo is played similarly to a ball lottery. Balls are drawn at random which have letter and number combinations, and players must mark them off on their cards. A bingo card has 5 columns marked BINGO, and as the Bingo caller pulls the balls from the Bingo spinners, players must mark them off on their cards. For example, if the Bingo caller says B36, players must put a marker or use a Bingo dabber to highlight that combination on each of their cards where it appears. The end goal in Bingo is to create a pre-determined pattern on the card. Usually it's a line that runs horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but some Bingo halls may use different patterns on their cards to mix things up a little bit! As soon as players have marked off a pattern on at least one of their cards, they need to yell "Bingo!" and are eligible to receive physical or monetary prizes.

Most Bingo Halls online or brick and mortar do allow players to have multiple Bingo card, and that's where the strategy comes in of keeping up with them all. However, when playing online, it is possible to take advantage of the auto-marking options so you don't need to do any of the work!

Bingo Tips and Strategy

Here are some tips and strategy to help you make the most of your Bingo experience, and improve your game!

  1. Decide whether to auto-dab when playing online - since dabbing on your own makes it possible to miss marking certain numbers that are called and can decrease your chances of winning, you can choose to use this option at online Bingo Halls. Of course, when playing Bingo this way you don't really need to do anything, so you might lose out on the experience of playing; but when your money is on the line, that's not always what's most important. The best way to increase your chances of winning is to use all of the automatic options that an online Bingo Hall options. To keep you entertained while the game plays itself, most of these Bingo sites do offer side games like Slots and Table Casino Games so you've got something to do!
  2. Bingo StrategyPurchase as many cards as possible - In many Bingo Halls, you can purchase an unlimited number of cards, though some may only allow you to purchase 10, 12 or 24. Of course, having multiple cards is much easier when playing online than in a brick and mortar Bingo hall, because the auto-dab option is available to make sure you don't miss marking any of your cards. To determine if you'll benefit by purchasing more cards, look at the cost of your cards versus the potential winnings. If the cards come at a low cost, and give players the option to win big prizes, you benefit from buying more, and definitely want to invest in the maximum if there are fewer players with limited numbers of cards
  3. Change cards you don't like - all cards have an equal chance of winning, but if you have multiple cards where the same numbers are repeated, you're running a higher risk. If that number doesn't come up, none of the cards will win. It can of course, also work the other way, but the odds might be decreased this way. If you're playing at a Bingo Hall that allows you to exchange your cards, review them first and put some back if numbers are repeating themselves