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Wheel of Fortune Strategy

Wheel of Fortune GameWheel of Fortune is a name that probably is familiar to you; it's also known as Big Six but uses a wheel similar to the Wheel of Fortune Game Show. Gameplay, of course, isn't identical but players do often show an interest and make a connection because of the Game Show. Wheel of Fortune is available in Slot version, but here we will discuss the Strategy for the live game specifically which is common amongst most brick and mortar casinos and even many online. Wheel of Fortune is like Roulette in some ways; players have to bet on where they think the wheel will stop, with the winning number/symbol becoming the one that the pointer on the wheel lands on. The Wheel of Fortune Wheels are slightly different depending upon the country that you play it in, however , the basic principles and Strategy of the game are the same.

Of course, Wheel of Fortune is a game based mostly on luck since where the Wheel of Fortune wheel lands occurs totally at random and is pretty unpredictable in terms of following trends, which are Strategy often used in other games. Strategy in Wheel of Fortune is based on which slots on the wheel give players the highest chance of winning. Each wheel has symbols and dollar amounts that include : $1, $2, $5, $10, $2, Joker and the Casino's logo (where the Wheel is located). The payouts in Wheel of Fortune depending on the slot on the Wheel where it lands each spin, and typically, the bigger the number the lower the odds are of winning since there are fewer slots of that type on the Wheel of Fortune Wheel. Wheel of Fortune promises a 1 in 40 chance of winning SOMETHING, though hitting a big payout comes with decreased odds, of course. The House Edge in Wheel of Fortune/Big Six has a rather large range of 11% to 23%, and it's actually known as the worst place to bet in a casino since the house advantage is so high compared to other casino games where players have a better chance of winning in general, and an even greater chance of winning big when put up against the Big Six game.

Wheel of Fortune StrategyPlayers who choose to take this warning with a grain of salt and try Wheel of Fortune anyways can employ some Strategy that can help to decrease the amount they lose, and with a little luck, perhaps increase their odds of winning. Here are some Strategy that Wheel of Fortune players can follow:

  • The slots on the Wheel of Fortune wheel with the lowest house advantage are the $1 and $5 slots. Try to bet on those
  • If you believe in tracking patterns, which is less reliable with Wheel of Fortune than it is with most other casino card games, you can just observe before placing your first bet and record the slots that the wheel lands on and bet accordingly
  • Count the number of times that the wheel turns before it stops; you can keep an eye on the Joker and see how many times it passes by you. It is possible that the dealer will fall into a regular rhythm when spinning the wheel that will make it easier to track patterns in Wheel of Fortune
  • Bet small so your losses are minimal. Even players with money to spend usually only bet the minimum $1 when playing Wheel of Fortune

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