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American Roulette Strategy

American Roulette GameRoulette is a game that cannot be predicted by probability, since every spin offers something different. Although that is a strategy that some players will try to apply in Roulette, it isn't one that's going to be effective.

Some Roulette players believe that there's a higher probability of the wheel landing on Red than Black; but with equal amounts of colored slots on the Roulette Wheel, there is no real data to support this belief . However, for some reason, many players still insist on the belief that betting on Red is a safer way to go in Roulette, even though the wheel doesn't favor one color over another.

In Roulette, it really is a game about luck; of course, different bets have different odds, and when employing a strategy in this game those are the factors that players need to consider ; understanding which are riskier bets and which ones have higher odds give players a better chance at winning or losing. But, no matter which way you look at it, a good part of the game is still based entirely on luck!

Here are some different Strategy that are tried and true in Roulette, while there's never a guarantee of winning, some believe it will increase the odds.

American Roulette Strategy #1 - The Red/Black System

  • With this system in Roulette you either bet on Red or Black. Your chances of winning are about 50/50 since there is the 0 and 00 on the wheel which automatically gives the casino a house edge since landing on it results in player loss
  • Betting on red/black is a much less risky bet since the chances of winning are almost 50%, and the payout is around 1:1, meaning you can double your money if luck is on your side with the bet
  • When starting to bet red/black, make your first bet relatively small by placing chips in the appropriate betting area
  • In order to help you manage your money, if you win, keep them, and place the same bet that you started with
  • After you've won with two bets, you can increase your bet by doubling it. If you lose, go back to the original bet, but if you win, double it up so you're no farther behind than you were when you started playing
  • Keep playing according to the above pattern until your bet comes up, and stick with the same type of bet consistently (i.e. if your first bet was red, play it through!)

American Roulette StrategyAmerican Roulette Strategy #2 - Five Number System

  • This strategy is a straight bet will you will be on 5 individual numbers. Betting this way, you can bet on 0 and 00, so while the house edge is greater than betting Black/Red, players do have this to fall back on to their greater advantage
  • This is a riskier bet, and the payout is increased at 35:1
  • To bet this type of bet, players can pick any 5 numbers, remembering that since Roulette is a game of luck, they all have an equal chance of winning
  • To start off, play at a Roulette table where the minimum bet is $5 or less and purchase $40 of chips (40 chips that are $1 each). Keeping the stakes smaller is smarter money management, since if you lose, the loss won't be as large financially
  • When playing with this strategy, you need to try to hit your numbers 2 consequtive times
  • Repeat your same initial wager until you win, which will hopefully happen before your chips run out!
  • Once you win, divide the 35 chips and continue playing the same numbers. Put 7 chips on each of the 5 numbers you were playing. This will hopefully allow you to win a second time in a row
  • If your next bet after a win doesn't find you lucky, walk away!

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