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Backgammon Strategy

Backgammon GameUnlike many casino games, Backgammon is a game that really does require strategy which can be learned over time as players become more experienced at the game.

Here are some basic Backgammon Strategy that players should try out when playing:

  1. Build a blockade - one of the top Strategy in Backgammon is to stop your opponent from moving their checkers from your home board. To block them from doing so, place your checkers in front of their checkers, and make sure there are no gaps. The best type of blockade that can be created is 6 checkers in a row with no gaps, so there is no opportunity for your opponent to get away!
  2. Establish anchors - to help protect your pieces, you need to establish anchors which work as defensive points on your opponent's home board. This will give you a landing spot if you get hit, and also blocks your opponent from building up this area. The most valuable points on the board to occupy as anchors are 20 and 21, which you should try to get control over early in the game. If you fall behind, it's better to get points 22, 23 and 24, and make sure that you are able to setup adjacent anchors. To create anchors, you can allow your uncovered checkers called blots to take a hit from your opponent which will give you an advantage
  3. Optimize the way your checkers are distributed - if your checkers are distributed evenly around the board you'll have the best advantage. While you might want to have six checkers at a single point to block your opponent, you don't need to have more than that for optimal strategy. If you have more checkers around the board you will have more good rolls during your next turn; otherwise some of that flexibility is lost if there are too many checkers in the same place. Don't spread checkers too far, however; you want them no more than six pips from each other to cover other checkers if need be
  4. Try to decrease the good rolls available to your opponent - you should be able to predict your opponent's desired moves all around the board. Try to place your checkers to limit them from getting these moves. If you have two exposed points on the board, place them the same distance from attackers, and if you know that your opponent has to roll a certain number to get off the bar, you can place your checkers on those spaces!
  5. Backgammon StrategyUnderstanding when checkers should be exposed and when they should be consolidated - exposing checkers is a good strategy early in the game because you can use them as stepping stones to make your offense or defense stronger. This isn't a good strategy later in the game of Backgammon, however. Later in the game you want to try consolidating your checkers, and this is even more important if you seem to hold a weaker position on the board
  6. When to hit, and when not to hit - deciding when to hit and not to hit requires you to use your judgment for the best Backgammon strategy. Try to hit checkers that seem to be the most advanced, and don't hit any unnecessarily; only do it when there is an advantage to your gameplay. Often, you want to avoiding hitting your opponent when they have checkers on the bar and it gives you the chance to establish an important point or position on the board if you don't hit. You can always plan a return hit later on as well if you choose not to hit at any given time