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Spanish 21 (Blackjack) Rules

Spanish 21 RulesIf you like Blackjack, then you're sure to like Spanish 21 since it is a game that's almost identical with a few simple changes that incorporates a few new rules that creates more ways to win and receive bonus payouts! It's the perfect game for players who are familiar with all the Blackjack basics, but want to try something a little bit different using similar strategies and rules.

Just like with Blackjack, the object of the game is to make a hand worth 21 without going over, but still receiving a stronger hand than the dealer. In Spanish 21, the 10 cards have been removed from the game (though not the face cards valued at 10), which is why additional bonuses have been added to Spanish 21 to give the player a little bit more of an advantage, increasing their odds.

In Spanish 21, 6-8 Spanish decks of cards are used by most casinos with then 10's removed. All cards are valued the same as they are in Blackjack, with face cards like Jack, Queen, King worth 10 and Aces worth 1 or 11.

Rules and Bonuses in Spanish 21

It's important to understand the differences between Spanish 21 and the regular rules for Blackjack to improve your strategy and your odds of winning against the dealer. With the 10 cards being taken from game play, the way the game progresses and the basic rules are slightly altered when Blackjack is compared to Spanish 21. Here are some of the differences:

Spanish 21 Game
  • Unlike with Blackjack, the player's 21 or Blackjack always beats the dealer's, which increases their odds of winning over the dealer
  • Bonus hands listed below don't apply if they occur from doubling
  • Dealer usually hits a soft 17
  • Players can double on any number of cards with no limitations or rules based on the value of the cards in their hand
  • A double down can be completed after splitting aces, although when playing in casinos online this is not always a rule that's allowed. The same applies for a hit after splitting aces. This means that the player can pull themselves out from a hand if the dealer doesn't have Blackjack if they forfeit half their bet
  • Some casinos allow players redoubling up to three times
  • Also giving players an increased an advantage are the rules that a late surrender is allowed on the first 2 cards in Spanish 21, and Double down rescue is permitted.
  • After the player chooses to double down, there is the option to surrender the doubled portion of the bet and rescue the original bet if there is dissatisfaction on the hand that hasn't already busted
  • There is a bonus payoff distributed if players hit 21 with a special combination on a non-doubled hand
    • 21 with 5 cards - pay is 3:2
    • 21 with 6 cards - pay is 2:1
    • 21 with 7 cards or more - pay is 3:1
    • 21 with mixed suits that has 6,7 or 8 cards - pay is 3:2
    • 21 with matching suits that has 6, 7, and 8 - pay is 2:1
    • 21 with all spades that has 6,7 and 8 - pay is 3:1
    • 21 with mixed suit hand that has three 7's - pay is 3:2
    • 21 with matching suits hand that has three 7's - pay is 2:1
    • 21 with all spades hand that has three 7's - pay is 3:1

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