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Slots Rules

Slots RulesSlot machines are one of the most popular games both online and in brick and mortar casinos. Playing slots requires virtually no skill, although some do believe in simple strategies that don't have any real merit that they apply on the belief that they will receive better luck. There's no learning process involved with Slots either, anyone can play!

Rules: Play of Slot games proceeds as follows:

  1. Rules: Players need to drop coins into the Slot machine of their choice, using any denomination accepted by the machine. For penny Slots, players can simply insert a penny, or they can insert more; however, for every push of the spin button or pull of the handle the denomination of the machine is automatically bet. In order to bet the maximum number of coins allowed on the machine, players can hit the button one the machine that says "bet max" or something to that effect. For players hoping to hit the major jackpot, it's necessary to bet the maximum number of coins allowed, otherwise they'll only be eligible to receive smaller winnings when they hit the combinations. Note: Slot machine denominations start at penny Slots, and can go as high as hundreds of dollars at some casinos. However, for the more casual player, the most common also include nickel, dime, quarter and dollar Slot games.
  2. Rules: Every time the spin button is pulled on the Slot game, the reels on the machine spin and are visible in a window.
  3. Rules: In order to win, a certain combination of numbers and symbols specific to the machine must appear. Different combinations have different payouts. With basic Slot machines 3-5 symbols across a horizontal line determine the combination, while others might have combinations that run diagonally and vertically as well. A list of winning combinations should appear on any Slot game whether online, in a casino or elsewhere.

With Slot games the total jackpot available is pre-determined. With regular Slot games, the total available jackpot remains the same. There are also progressive Slot games which have a total available jackpot that increases the more people that play. Of course, this is only paid out if the jackpot combination is landed on with the reels; otherwise smaller winnings are paid out according to a regular schedule based on the combinations achieved on the reels.

Slot Machine Strategy

Let's face it, with Slots, there is no real strategy since all games are based strictly on luck, but that doesn't stop players from holding certain beliefs when trying to improve their odds. Here are some common slot strategies that players use, whether they increase their chances or not! These are the machines that are slightly less wacky than some habits players have.

Slots Game
  • Choose games that allow you to play the maximum that will make you eligible for the jackpot suited to your budget. This is a real strategy.if you have a low budget, you're best off at the penny or nickel slots. That's just logic!
  • Start with the flat pay machines
  • Run a complete rack of coins through the machine before you determine whether it will have a worthwhile payout or not
  • Cash out after one rack of coins has been spent, if not huge jackpots have been hit, use the coins to try another machine and perhaps progress to a machine with a bigger budget, like the progressives

One of the great things about the Slot games is that once you get a grasp of one game, you can play them all. But don't expect that your knowledge will increase your chances of winning, because Slots are really based on luck!

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