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Lottery Rules

Lottery RulesThe lottery is possibly the most popular form of gambling, and has been that way since it began. It's popular with people worldwide, and although it is a form of gambling, people have a harder time seeing it that way which makes them feel better about playing. The lottery comes in a variety of forms, there are government sanctioned lotteries and those that are in cities and countries around the world and online. Every lottery is different; ticket prices vary, as do the methods of picking the winners.

Types and Rules of Lottery Games

Rules of traditional lottery games: The traditional style of lottery gaming involves the draw of numbers. Most lottery games involve the selection of 6 numbers which players can choose on their own using a lottery card that outlines the range of numbers that are played with. Most lotteries include numbers 1 through 38 and up to 60. When choosing their own numbers, players need to shade their chosen numbers in on a lottery card; often players use strategy with these numbers, selecting numbers which correspond to important dates in their lives like birthdays and anniversaries. Most lotteries can also have a machine that randomly generates a series of 6 lottery numbers on behalf of players for those who would rather not choose. In order to win the jackpot for a lottery drawing of this type, players must have all 6 of the winning numbers, though they can appear in any order or sequence. Secondary prizes are also often distributed for players who have a certain number of the winning numbers that were drawn (for example, some lotteries offer a free ticket or small monetary prize for players that have 2 of the numbers). These lottery games often have weekly or bi-weekly drawings, and if more than one player has all of the winning numbers, than the big jackpot is divided up.

Lottery GameRules of Draw Lotteries: with these types of lottery games, only pre-selected numbers can be used and the tickets are always pre-purchased for drawings that take place later in the year on pre-determined dates. Draw lotteries function a little bit more like a raffle, since players have no control over their numbers at all. Winning with draw lotteries works the same way - the jackpot is won if players have all of the numbers, and smaller prizes are distributed for those who have a partial match to the winning numbers. As with the lottery games outlined above, if more than one player has a match to all of the winning numbers for the jackpot, then the prize winnings are split.

Rules of Instant Lotteries: instant lottery games are also known as scratch tickets. With these games the results are immediate. You simply need to scratch the tickets to reveal a prize amount, or winning combinations of numbers, symbols or words that can indicate the winning of a full jackpot or partial winnings. The maximum jackpot available from these tickets is listed on the ticket, and scratch tickets come in a variety of forms with themes that include game shows and other popular combinations.

Rules of Keno: keno is similar to the lotto, however, the quantity of numbers you choose can vary and more winning numbers are selected. With Keno, you choose between 4 and 10 numbers which range between 1 and 70. 20 winning numbers are drawn, and the more numbers played, the larger the prizes available are (i.e. if you choose 10 numbers, the odds increase and so do the prizes).

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