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Keno Rules

Keno RulesKeno is extremely popular game played in most casinos around the world and online. But what's thought of as standard Keno is actually something that is traditionally referred to as Nevada Keno. Keno is a game where you choose numbers on a ticket, however, different types of tickets are available that do vary the way the games are played.

Keno is a popular game because it's relatively easy; there's no real skill involved, though some players will tell you otherwise when they have their own strategies they believe to be more effective. There are some general guidelines that can increase the odds and winnings as outlined below. You can find Keno at most brick and mortar casinos, with some that even offer their own special Keno rooms, as well as Keno which is available at online casinos.

Rules: Playing Keno with a Basic Ticket:

  1. Choose your numbers - first choose the number of spots you will play. At many casinos you can choose 1 to 15 numbers (although some allow as many as 20,32 or 40). Choosing 4 to 8 numbers gives players the best odds of winning. Below 30% winnings won't be worthwhile, and choosing too many numbers reduces your odds.
  2. Pick your wager - most straight tickets cost $1, but it's also possible to play multiples of the base rate; wagering $5 on a $1 ticket instead. Betting more means winnings will be multiplied the same amount of increase in ticket price (i.e. winnings multiplied x5 for a $5 wager). Keep in mind, however, when placing bets of multiples, most casinos place an aggregate limit on the payout per ticket - meaning, they'll never payout more than that. Often that amount is $50,000.

Rules: Playing Keno with Split Tickets:

Using a split ticket means playing more than 1 straight ticket on a physical ticket. Each ticket is circled or separated by a line on the Keno ticket to make each differential clear. There are no real advantages to a split ticket, other than the fact that it reduces confusion of game play. The process is the same as betting on a straight ticket, the only difference is when choosing numbers for each ticket, the same number cannot be used twice.

Playing Keno with Way Tickets:

Keno GameWay tickets allow players to play multiple games on one single ticket. For some, it's less confusion, but there are also fractional rates applied for Way tickets. Players might only pay 10 cents per way instead on $1 per tickets.

Playing Keno with Combination Tickets:

Straight bets can be combined in groups on one ticket, and bets are placed on each possible combination.

Rules: Paying Keno with King Tickets:

King tickets have a King number which can be used in combination with the other numbers listed on the tickets to increase winnings. With King tickets the betting process and winnings progress just like straight bets.

Playing Keno withy Special Tickets:

Special tickets offered by some casinos, use basic casino rules but often have a twist involved with rules and payoffs listed on the ticket itself. The pay schedule may vary with these tickets, and play might vary slightly as well. Casinos use special tickets to promote their Keno games and entice new players into giving the game a try. Special tickets are less common with online casinos but are available at many live gaming casinos.

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