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Card War Rules

Card War RulesCard War, also known as Battle Royale, Casino War or just plain War is a game that's played in casinos worldwide, as well as online and it's also just a fun game to play at home without betting, since it's easy for players of all ages to catch onto. It's a fast paced game that can be exciting, particularly when the stakes are raised with bets.

The object in War is to have a card that's higher than the dealer's. It's typically played with 6 decks, and each the player and the dealer turn over 1 card each for each hand, and they are compared to determine the winner. If you're just playing for fun, there's no real reason to assign a dealer, players each receive half the cards and go to war!

In Card War, individual cards receiving rankings like they have in Poker; meaning face cards are high, Aces are high, and all other cards are ranked according to their face value. Suits do not play any role in Card War; it's simply about the value of the cards!

Rules: How to play a Game of Card War:

  1. Six decks are shuffled together. When playing Casino War online or in a casino, the dealer is the only one who will touch a deck of cards. In this version, the player first makes a bet, and then receives a card, then the dealer gets a card as well. If playing for fun at home, the 6 decks once shuffled can simply be divided in 2, with half of the cards going to each player so they can turn their own cards
  2. After each player (dealer and player) has their cards down on the table, the cards are compared. In order to win when playing against a dealer, the player's card must be higher. If playing for fun at home, the player with the higher card wins the hand. When playing at a casino, further rules apply with regards to betting, as outlined in the step below
  3. In Casino War if the player ties with the dealer, meaning they each have cards that are of equal value, then the player has the choice to surrender - forfeiting half of the bet - or they can go to war. Going to war is great for a player who is confident that their next card will be higher, so they can raise their bet at an interval that's equal to the original bet
  4. If a player has chosen to go to war, they place their bet, the dealer burns 3 cards (essentially meaning 3 cards are removed from the deck and game play) and then deals another card to the player
  5. In order to win when going to war against the dealer, the player must have a second card that is equal to the dealer's first card, or have one that beats it outright. If the dealer's card is still greater than both of the player's cards, then both bets are lost. Another tie pays the player 10:1

Card War GameNote: if playing at home and not at a casino where players are both responsible for turning their own cards, then every time cards are turned, they must be placed down at the same time, and no player can look at the cards that are in their deck (all cards must be face-down until it's time to turn the one at the top of the deck). This version of Card War is also tracked differently when not playing for money. Instead of exchanging bets, the player who won the faceoff of the 2 cards keeps them and puts them aside. They are not for play, the strictly symbolize winnings. At the end of the game, the player that ends up with the complete deck of cards is the one who wins!

Card War can also be played with 3 players. Although this isn't a version that takes place in casinos, it can be played at home following the same rules.