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Spider Solitaire Rules

Spider Solitaire RulesSpider Solitaire is a 2 deck solitaire game; the odds of winning are low, and perhaps for that reason, people find themselves more apt to try to overcome the challenges and the losses in order to get the satisfaction of winning on the rare occasion that the game is defeated.

With so many cards in play, and a lot of movement of cards, it's easier to play an online or computer version of Spider Solitaire, although it can be played anywhere with 2 decks of cards as well. Spider Solitaire is the game that people most commonly associate with the Windows version, and it is extremely popular. When playing the computerized version there are some special features which are outlined below.

Rules: How to play Spider Solitaire

The object of Spider Solitaire is to create 8 sequences of cards beginning with King in descending order to Ace; meaning each of the 8 sequences must appear as follows: King, Queen, Jack, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, and Ace. In Spider Solitaire, suit and color don't have a bearing on sequence; however, building sequences in suit does improve strategy and strength of game.

The layout of the game starts with a tableau that has 10 piles of cards. Each of the 10 piles has a different number of cards in it. The first 4 piles of cards should have 6 cards each, and the other 6 piles should have 5 cards. All cards in each pile are face down with the exception of the top cards which are face-up and visible for play. All cards not used in the 10 piles in the tableau become the stock.

Spider Solitaire GameRules: A game of Spider Solitaire progresses as follows:

  1. In order to win, sequences of cards must be built in the tableau piles themselves. Therefore cards can be moved from one tableau to another
  2. Only the top card in each tableau pile can be used for play and can be placed in sequence on any tableau pile
  3. Cards must be moved one at a time; blocks of cards can only be moved if they are in both suit and sequence, and they can then travel from one tableau pile to another
  4. As soon as cards that are face down appear from cards and blocks being moved from one tableau to another, they can be turned face-up and then used in gameplay
  5. When there is an empty space in a tableau pile, any card or sequence can be moved to fill it
  6. Once all available moves have been exhausted with the cards in the tableau, the stock can be used to redeal one card to each of the 10 tableau piles
  7. The game continues until 8 sequences of cards have been built, or the stock cards have been used up and no additional plays can be used to complete sequences

Rules: Special Features of Computerized Spider Solitaire

The computerized Windows version of Spider Solitaire allows players to retract their moves. This opens up opportunity for more strategy since players can expose multiple face-down cards to plan out their moves and then retract the moves in order to begin really playing the game. If players are playing on the new Windows Vista version, then they are also saved the frustration of trying to play more moves when there are none left available.some players will appreciate this feature while others may feel it takes away from the authenticity of the game!

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