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Freecell Solitaire Rules

Freecell RulesFreecell Solitaire is a game that you'll recognize whether you realize it or not! It's that game installed on Microsoft Windows that you might never have played because you weren't sure how to play it. Don't get discouraged, because with Freecell Solitaire, you'll be able to win most of the time once you understand how to play. Here we'll introduce the rules and the basics of Freecell so you can play it on your computer or with a deck of cards.

The History of Freecell

Freecell has been a part of Microsoft Window's since the 2005 version was released. All cards are visible at the start of the game, making it what's referred to as an open solitaire game. Freecell Solitaire is based on other versions of solitaire like Eight Off and Baker's Game.

Rules: How to play Freecell Solitaire:

The object is Freecell Solitaire is to build 4 columns of cards beginning with the 4 aces and then proceeding through the deck building on 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen King. The cards must be in sequence and alternate in color.

One deck of cards is used to play Freecell Solitaire, and the cards are dealt face-up in 8 columns. There is a difference between the first 4 columns and the second 4 columns; the first 4 columns (the tableau columns) has 8 cards in each column and then a space is left between and the second 4 columns are dealt as the "free cell cards" which have 4 cards each. The "free cell" columns act as holding areas where cards are held during play. The remaining cards not used to build the columns become the foundation pile.

Rules: In order to play Frecell Solitaire, the game proceeds as follows:

  1. Only the card exposed at the top of the pile can be played
  2. Each exposed card in a tableau pile can be moved to the free cell columns, to other tableau piles or into the foundation pile. All exposed cards can be moved from to and from any pile, but when moving cards into the tableau piles they must be in order. If there's no card face-up in a tableau pile, any card can be placed there regardless of denomination or color
  3. Multiple cards cannot be moved at a time unless they are in sequence and can be moved into a tableau pile
  4. Once all 4 tableau piles are filled up in sequence and all cards in the deck have been used, the game is over

Freecell GameFreecell Solitaire Strategy

The chances of winning in Freecell Solitaire is more than 99%, however, implementing some simple strategies will also help players to improve their opportunity to win as well:

  1. Find out where the aces are in the tableau - once you've spotted them, try to make a plan on how to move the cards blocking you from using the aces in play
  2. Follow the same process with the other low cards as with the aces so you can start placing cards in sequence
  3. Keep as many tableau spaces free as possible to move cards to once you're able to start placing them in sequence. This means clearing up tableau spaces as soon as you can in order to move builds into these spaces
  4. Try to leave cell spaces free to help with the movement of cards around the table
  5. Look for plays before you start moving cards so that you don't end up blocking yourself from moves. In Freecell Solitaire, it's better to use strategy that play impulsively

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