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Blackjack (21 Solitaire) Rules

Blackjack (21 Solitaire) RulesFor players who enjoy playing Blackjack, 21 Solitaire is an interesting variation on the game. It's a game played with one 52 deck and is available at online casinos and in computer versions that can make it easier than playing the game with an actual deck of cards. It has eight rounds, so the game progresses in difficulty the more you play, keeping players on their toes and breaking up Blackjack which at times can become repetitive. Since it does, however, use similar skills, players who are familiar with Blackjack are already on the right track with 21 Solitaire.

In Blackjack (21 Solitaire) there are 10 tableau piles, and the object of the game is to make as many Blackjack hands as possible.

How to play Blackjack (21 Solitaire Rules):

  1. A 52 card deck is shuffled and 10 cards are each dealt to 10 tableau piles
  2. Cards can be moved from the stock pile or between the 10 tableau piles
  3. The goal is to make Blackjack hands (totaling 21) using between 2 and 10 cards - in Blackjack (21 Solitaire) rules all cards are valued just as they are in Blackjack
  4. Cards when playing an online or computer version of the game are selected simply by clicking on them. In order to choose and create Blackjack hands, they simply need to be clicked on and highlighted in grey. Once selected as Blackjack hands the cards are automatically removed from the tableau allowing players more space to play, and getting them one step closer to accomplishing their goal of making multiple Blackjack hands
  5. As soon as cards are removed for reaching 21, new cards are dealt in their place
  6. In order to move on from one of the 8 rounds to the next, players must have created more Blackjack hands than there are cards left on the table. Once they've made as many hands as possible, there is an option on computerized versions of the game to move forward to the next round. If players are unable to make more Blackjack hands than there are cards, the game is over

Blackjack (21 Solitaire) GameNote: for each round of Blackjack (Solitaire 21) there is a different number of Tableau piles. The game starts with 10 and then for each round, there is one pile removed. For example, round 1 has 10 piles, round 2 has 9 piles, round 3 has 8 piles, round 4 has 7 piles, round 5 has 6 piles, round 6 has 5 piles, round 7 has 4 piles, round 8 has 3 piles, round 9 has 2 piles and round 10 has 1 pile.


Points are rewarded for every Blackjack hand created. 1 point is given for every Blackjack hand and then there are bonuses awarded. Depending on how many cards are left on the table at the end of each round between 2 and 4 bonus points are awarded. 2 points are given for 3 cards left at the end of a round, 3 points are given for 2 cards left at the end of each round, and 4 points are given for 1 card left at the end of each round. It's not possible to have no cards left.

To get the total number of points, the number of Blackjack hands and bonuses for each round are tallied, and the multiplied by the round number. The calculations for each round are totaled together for the overall score.

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