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Blackjack Piles Rules

Blackjack Piles RulesBlackjack Piles is also known as 21 Solitaire. It is a solitaire game where the object is to create and remove Blackjack hands from the play area. It's a fun game that's great practice for recognizing hands in Blackjack, and is a variation of the classic game that players can try at home, online or on the computer, which breaks up some of the repetitiveness of traditional Blackjack school games!

Blackjack Piles is a game that has 7 rounds, and they get progressively more difficult as the game moves on from level to level. For each round, in order to move on in Blackjack Piles, more Blackjack hands need to be cashed in than the number of cards that are left on the tableau. An example of this is if there are only 7 cards left on the table, and you cashed in 15 hands during the round, then you can move onto the next level, otherwise the game ends.

Rules: How to play Blackjack Piles:

  1. Shuffle one 52 card deck
  2. Create 5 empty tableau piles by taking one card from the deck at a time an placing it on any of the designated tableau areas
  3. Keep on turning cards until a Blackjack hand is created and then remove it from the tableau. If playing a computerized or online version of Blackjack Piles, all you need to do to move a card from the stock pile of cards to a tableau space that is empty is click on it. You can still move a card from the stock pile to the tableau even if it is not empty, you just need to click on the pile
  4. In order to make hands it is possible to either move cards from the stock pile or from the top of other tableau piles
  5. Once you have a Blackjack hand you need to select the cards by clicking on them. A hand must total 21 and can consist of 2 to 6 cards, and once it's selected it will be removed from the tableau
  6. The goal is to have more Blackjack hands created than there are cards left on the tableau, otherwise you do not get to keep on playing and move onto the next round
  7. Once you're unable to make anymore hands from a round, you can move onto the next round by checking the designated box that's built into the software program

Blackjack Piles GameRules: How Blackjack Piles is scored:

Every hand created, regardless of the round, is worth one point. Bonus points are also available and distributed at the end of every round. Rewards are distributed for few cards left on the table.

  • 2 points - earned when there are only 3 cards left on the table once a round has completed
  • 3 points - earned when there are only 2 cards left on the table once the round has completed
  • 4 points - earned when there is only 1 card left on the table once the round has completed

Note: In a game of Blackjack piles, it's not possible to remove all cards from the table, so the best you can expect is to have only 1-3 cards left which will score the bonus points!

The score for each round is calculated by totaling the number of Blackjack hands that were cashed in, plus the bonus awarded, and then multiplied by the round number. So at that stage you are rewarded with increased points for getting through the more difficult rounds!

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