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Royal Vegas Casino Review

The great thing about a trip to Las Vegas is the sheer number and variety of games to play. Whether you prefer the classic casino table games such as cards, dice and roulette, or if video poker and slots is more up your street, there's a new chance to win big at every moment. Royal Vegas Online Casino brings all that the strip has to offer right to your home, with an amazing array of market leading games developed with the quality and production values that so often let down the competition. Even better, and just like Vegas itself, this site has been around a long time - since 2000 - and has consequently developed a reputation for offering an experience truly second to none.

Gaming With Royal Vegas Casino

Let's get straight to the bone with this review and check out the games on offer right away. The first thing that is apparent with this site is that it's slick - graphically it's beautifully designed, and even better it's elegantly presented too - without any of those over clustered pages that are so irritating on many gaming sites.

Once the safe, speedy and highly secure Microgaming software has been installed (flash is also available), it's time to play! The problem is - where on earth to start? There's over 500 various games to choose from at time of writing, and promises are that there will be constant additions of new games at regular intervals far into the future. Being a bit of a purist I opt for American Roulette, that loads up in no time and runs without a moment of lag or jumpiness. The sounds are realistic to a tee also, something that always adds a bit more authenticity to quality online gaming.

Slots, video poker and games fans are going to have a field day with Royal Vegas Casino - not only are they really creatively thought out the payout is an average 96% - and that by my reckoning is industry leading. Games are also continually upgraded and enhanced thanks to the Microgaming software, meaning that fans of regular games will see constant improvements to their favorites.

Going back to the classics, what I really enjoyed with Royal Vegas was the opportunity to play socially - just as you would in Vegas - with table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, engaging civilly with fellow players rooting each other on. It's all done so with an air of genuine class and a clearly apparent desire to make the atmosphere as enjoyable as possible. I could imagine myself spending many happy hours with my fellow players here!

Bonuses & Loyalty Rewards

Much like a bricks and mortar Casino will take care of it's regulars, so too do the team at Royal Vegas Casino. New players will be automatically enrolled with the four tier rewards scheme, that will rise increasingly fast the higher that they progress. This will really benefit regular players as the bonuses are especially generous when hitting the higher levels (and they'll even give you a special on your birthday too!). Introducing new players is rewarded with a straight up $50, plus a welcome gift for the new member.


Call me old fashioned but I like to game with established operators who have pedigree and providence. When that operator also throws in amazing gaming, a great atmosphere, superb bonuses and a totally hassle free experience they can be pretty sure of my business! I can merely recommend to anyone: seize your opportunity to bag great casino riches at Royal Vegas Online casino. It's an experience absolutely second to none.