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Victor Chandler's Review

The site is licensed in Gibraltar and has been online since 1995. The book-making element of the company has been around since 1946. This site has three gaming operations in one site. A player can place wagers in the sportsbook, play in the casino and play in the poker room. This site has the three basic areas of gaming covered by accepting wagers in the three areas of gaming. Victor Chandler has been in the gaming business for a while, earning good marks in the player reviews and solid gaming vehicles on their site. They have a reputation for taking on high rollers in all three parts of their operation. Most of the sporting events of any note are open for wagering on the site. The casino offers the standard games that are found on good casinos on the Internet. The poker room is open and depending on the player count can be a good place to play.

VCBet offers some unusual promotions to new players and they have a habit of keeping their customers happy. The free plays that a new player gets are not huge, but they are big enough to give the payer a feel for the site.

Victor Chandler has really taken the casino games to a new level on their casino site. They offer live dealer games and very high limits on these wagers. This is as close as an Internet site can come to live casinos. Along with this very interesting twist to Net gaming, the site also has the other standard forms of gaming that are found on other sites.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods can be completed using credit cards and e-wallets like Neteller or Moneybookers There are other means listed with the cashier. A player should read the withdrawal rules about withdrawals.

As with many casinos these days there are bonuses on first deposits.

Customer support is excellent and available by email, phone and Live Chat. This site is known for their support and the way they try to take care of their players. This type of support says a great deal about the management and the importance they place in taking their customers concerns seriously.

Victor Chandler's Casino Review Conclusions

Victor Chandler is a gamblers kind of casino since they offer three major forms of gaming. There are players on the net that will take advantage of all three gaming opportunities. Many gamblers are very sports oriented and enjoy making wagers on these events. These same gamblers are also willing to play poker and even risk a little money in a casino game. Of course the slot players are always ready to play their favorites in the slot world. The progressives are popular as many of these small betters are willing to risk a little to make a score. Every gambler has their favorite games and this site covers so many possibilities that they should not have any problem getting players to play here.

Any player that has ever been to a live full-scale casino like you see in Vegas or Reno will like this site. Victor Chandler has every thing going for them with this site and all that it offers. The site makes it possible for a gambler to do just about any gaming they have in mind.

With all of the possibilities that Victor Chandler offers to its players, makes deciding what to play and for how long a tough decision. This site is worth a very long look to see if it fits what you desire in a gaming site.