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International Casino Games Review

This online casino connection is a member of the respected Fortune Lounge Group, which means it can open all of the promotions that this group offers for its member casino players. This group membership is one of the online associations that is valuable to both the player and the casino. The membership helps both parties in attracting play and more play means higher and better promotions.

This promotion arm of the Fortune Group has a long time proven ability to come up with attractions that are welcomed by players, attended by players and the prizes that are offered are of significant value. 100 sets of cruise tickets on a luxury liner in Europe is a prize that many players would love to capture. This cruise stops at ports in England, France, Spain and Portugal. The winner will come from one of the Fortune Group casinos that use this promotion to get and keep players active on their online site. The winners of a cruise will then compete for a grand prize of one of four £50,000 prizes. That is some promotion and it is this type of promo that keeps this group in high favor with the players on their sites.

The other major promotion is their International Slots tournament that is held for slot lovers each year. There are also slot tournaments each week that players on these sites can participate in. These promoted slot tournaments are looked forward to by players on the Fortune Lounge Group sites, as the prize money is substantial even in the weekly games. As all online casino sites will attest too, the slot games are the online games that get the most action. International Casino Games is well aware of this ever-increasing statistic. Their tournament is designed to take advantage if of this well known gaming fact. Slot players will jump hoops to play and big money tournaments are like catnip to the slot players.

Another proof that slots are the money making games for casinos is the fact that live casinos give huge amounts of casino square footage to slot games in their land based casinos. Online the ratio of slot games to other games is skewed even more. Slot game programs are easy to duplicate and generate a great amount of money to any casino live or online.

International Casino Games has a respected name in online promotions for the playing pleasure of the players. As part of the Fortune Lounge Group, the games that they promote are extremely well received by the players.

Yearly and weekly promotions by this respected online gaming company are a welcome addition to the players' choices of what games to play. The prizes are also not only worth going after, but they can be live changing events that make online gaming the passion that it has become with slot play leading the band.

International Casino Games Review Conclusions

Mark it on your calendar when the games this gaming promoter is involved with are scheduled and then be sure and play. The promotions that are put out each year have player attractive rewards for those that are lucky enough to score.

A European cruise would not be hard to take by any winner. The ports each offer something different to see and the week on the water is a natural relaxation pleasure. It is good for both the body and the mind. A player should get on the email list for the Fortune Group. By doing this they will stay informed by the group and stay informed about all of the important events in this group.