Lotter Review

The Lotter acts as an agent for lotteries around the world. This site has been online since 1999. This UK based site list lotteries that the site will act as your agent to buy your lottery tickets. The player picks the country and the lottery they want to buy tickets in and The Lotter agent does the rest. Once the lottery tickets are purchased the site will notify the player if they are a winner of the lotteries they played. It is up to the player how the winning funds will be paid out. The site has several ways the player can collect if they win a lottery. This is absolutely a player choice that the site carries out.

The lottery choices are from 80 separate lotteries that contain very large jackpots and smaller jackpots. The reason to play one or the other is obvious. The smaller lotteries have fewer players, which increases the chances of winning. The lotteries with huge prizes get a much larger play and there fore the odds of winning are smaller.

The choices of which lottery to play are first by country and then by state. The lotteries that can be picked from in the state category can be big or small. Since lotteries are held daily, three days a week and weekly; the player can set up to play what they want to automatically. This feature is obviously worth the player's investment as the cost is low and the player will not miss a possible win.

The lotteries that can be played depend on the country that is picked and then the state that the player wishes to pick a lottery from. Some areas have both a big lottery and a small lottery. For example in Missouri, the state, a player can play both PowerBall and Lotto. The first is a several state lottery with a substantial prize and the second is a smaller lottery that gets a much smaller play per game

Credit cards and Neteller seem to be the better deposit methods. Withdrawals can be completed using a bank transfer. Once an account is funded the player can pick and choose those lotteries that they want to play on a routine basis. So all a player has to do once they choose the lotteries that they wish to play is keep their account properly funded.

Contact can be done via email. The staff will respond ASAP with the answers to most questions. The site suggests that a player read the FAQ section for possible answers to questions they may have.

Lotter Review Conclusions

This site provides a unique service for their customers that want to play lottery games around the world. When an account is funded the player can buy tickets to lotteries that this site is set up to buy tickets on. The list is extensive and covers many of the major lotteries around the world.

When a player wins a lottery that they bought tickets for, the site contacts them to see how they want to collect the winnings. The site will get the winning ticket to the player or act in their behalf to collect the money. The website states that they have collected millions of dollars since they have been online.

The way to see if this site will work for potential players is to try it for a few weeks. The cost is not much and if the player catches lightening in a bottle they may be a huge winner. This is a different way to be a lottery player.