SBG Review

SBG, founded in 1996, is a sportsbook first, and a casino and poker room as an addition. The player at this book can open an account and play in all of the sections. This site is interesting as it covers most of the ways than a player can wager online. Sports betting covers a number of events where players can wager on the outcome. The casino and poker games speak for themselves.

This site is licensed in the UK and has its headquarters there. However they have clients all over the world that want to bet on an event, play poker or wager in the casino. This one stop for all gaming venues is a site that is worth looking very closely at, as this type of site is not your every day casino. The things to look for are the events they will accept wagers on. What games are on the casino part of this all-in-one site and some idea of how good the poker room is for games and player count?

All of these items are important, as each gaming part has to stand on its own for play. In this case the parts add up to more than the whole.

On the other hand there are reviews online that warn players off about this site. The only thing a player can do is play small and see how you are treated.

To many negative reviews about this site to recommend it in any way. The surprise to this reviewer is the fact that it is licensed in the UK. There are more than three site in the UK that offer all this site does with no negative history.

Suggest that players look past this site for a place to bet or play games.