Play65 Review

This backgammon site has much to offer to players that love backgammon or want to learn how to play this centuries old game. Players can go to the site school, read the rules of the game or play in practice games before risking any money. This site offers tournaments and individual games for the player that wants to play for real money. Play65 is a member of the Gammon Empire, which has a huge database of players. This association of backgammon players is very useful to players as this group helps to get very nice tournaments offered from its member sites.

Backgammon is a game that requires skill and luck to win a game. For novice players the player school will show the player the best ways to play the game and at the same time teach the rules that will be enforce when playing in a tournament or against individual players. The practice games are another way to get real time experience in the game. By reading the rules section of the site, a player can quickly get an idea of the play at this site. The rules are fair for a player in practice games as well as games for money.

This site claims to have over a million registered players. At peak hours of the day, the online players reach to 10,000 players. This helps keep players active and not just waiting for a game to play.

The games that are offered on this site include free games, practice games, sit-n-go games, small tournaments and large prize tournaments. The skill level and the chance of winning a tournament are directly related to the playing skill of the player and the luck of the roll. However skillful players have an edge in this game just as skilled players in poker have an edge.

The smart way to approach these games is to play in practice rounds and then in the lesser tournaments with low entry fees. As the player's skill level is raised, the player could then venture into bigger tournaments or single games with bigger stakes. The fees to play range from $5 to $200

When playing against an individual, the site collects a commission from the winner for both players. This means that the loser only loses their stake in the game, but the winner gets the balance of the wager minus the commission.

The deposit can be done with credit cards or other ways like Neteller or PayPal. The same methods can be used to withdraw money from your registered account. The first deposit could be matched for 40% up to $200.

Customer support is open daily and responds to e-mails within 24 hours. The suggestion before sending in a question is to look at the FAQ section to see if the answer is there. Many of the more common questions are answered in this section.

Play65 Review Conclusions

Play65 seems to have its act together since it attracts so many players to the site. Backgammon is a game played all over the world and this site lets the players select the language they want the site to be in. This helps to add many players from a number of countries.

The stakes for the tournaments are posted for each tournament so that players can schedule their play. The fees are higher for bigger prize tournaments.

If you want to learn how to play this game this site has a school for players. If you want to refresh your knowledge of the rules, then the rules section is for you. Once you feel comfortable about playing let it rip.