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Golden Palace Casino Review

The casino has been online since 1997. The longevity of the casino speaks volumes about how it has been able to keep a loyal base and also attract new players over time. Golden Palace has all of the requisite games that a good casino should have from slot to table games and even some games that you may not be familiar with.

After the new player registers their account, the first deposit is matched up to 200% or $200. The site has other ways to get money into an account by giving further bonuses on later deposits and by a referral program. The only other way is to win when you play. The graphics are very good on games that need to show movement like craps or roulette. The slot games are always solid as these games are the product of game builders that want to show their best work.

For those that want to take a small risk for a big reward, the progressive slots are the obvious answer that this site provides for its players. The other games can provide a big win also, but it takes a decent rush to make it work.

This site has all of the casino games plus poker. Since this is the case, it does not matter what you want to play. All of the standard casino games are presented along with many slot games and poker. This actually causes a problem for the new player, as they have to decide what to play first. Video poker and the progressive slots get a great deal of play, as these games are very popular with players. The lesser side games are just to give the players an odd game to play. The better games have several limits that players can settle in and play for. The limit that a player selects of course will depend on their risk tolerance and their gambling stake.

The other factor in game selection is knowing which games are the best to play based on the odds. These are the best three for odds. Craps, baccarat and Blackjack have the lowest house edge that the player can play in any casino.

Funding of an account and sending money home can be done via credit card, and wallets like Neteller, Money booker and wire transfer. The method depends on the player and whether they are sending money to the casino or sending it home. The best way to decide which is for you is look at the lists in the cashier section. Many methods are listed there to do either action. The player can select the one they like the best for their situation.

The casino staff handles customer support. Most of the questions they are asked will get a prompt answer. If the question needs to be researched the staff person will get the answer and get back in touch with the player.

Golden Palace Casino Review Conclusions

Golden Palace has the old time casino feel to it and the great games to play. The selections cover the spectrum of gambling games. Players are hard pressed to make the first game selection on this site. Table games and slots make up the bulk of the games played at Golden Palace. Although there are some games that do not qualify for either of these categories. The table games have great graphics and the slots bring their own color to the site so to speak. Players that try the site will see why the casino has prospered for so long. They have to be doing something right by the players.