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Online Slots: Simple Game, Amazing Visuals!

Casino slot machines have truly come a long way since its inception in the late 1800s. The fact alone that this popular game has been around during that time can be mind-boggling to most people. One can consider the slot machine as a heritage because of the astounding evolution and improvement that it underwent. From the traditional and antique slot machines, to the computerized versions mostly seen in casinos today, up to the slots online that people play in their personal computers---we can say that the game of slots have definitely changed, and for the better!

The version of this game that has quickly gained popularity and following is online slots. Many casino enthusiasts have discovered that playing slot machines online instead of heading to a physical casino can be more convenient, but equally fun and entertaining nonetheless. The bonus slot games on www.slots.com is just one of the more popular and widely played slots on the internet. Those who have no idea on how to play slots can read the reviews posted in the website and you'll be set after a few minutes. That is the beauty of this game, anyone---even the people who have zero experience in casino gaming---can play right away and start winning jackpots and real money.

What makes online free slots, or even the ones involving money, so appealing to enthusiasts are perhaps the great visuals and simple gameplay. It is all but natural for us to get attracted to beautiful things, and seeing 3D graphics on a slots game truly adds to our interest. Just like in video games where graphics play a vital role in enticing gamers to give it a try, the interesting visuals presented by online slots games is key in attracting players. Since the mechanics and rules of this game are simple, the only things that separate one slot game to another are bonuses, payouts and visuals. That may be the reason why most fans of this game play 3D slots---seeing interesting graphics while playing a rather simple game can certainly keep boredom away.

There is a wide variety of themes used in online slot games today. Movie-themed online slot machines are common, with recent Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man being a perfect example. The developers of this game may have wanted to bring the mainstream appeal of the popular Marvel superhero to the online slots industry with this move. Aside from using movies as themes, slot games have also adapted popular video game characters as themes. Online slots games with zombies draw inspiration from PopCap Games' very popular Plants vs. Zombies. Since most of us are familiar with this PC game, we find excitement and delight in taking these characters for a spin.

Historical figures, places and events are also usual themes for online slots. We've seen 3D slots games taking inspiration from the old Roman empire and Egyptian pharaohs. Natural environments such as the jungle or safari are also very common themes, with cartoon illustrations of lions, hunters, apes and other animals. The fruits, being the classic and original theme of the classic slots, won't miss our list. This old slots theme is still present even on the latest online slots, with some having 3D versions available!

Truly, the simple game of slots have improved by leaps and bounds, with the online variant becoming one of the most loved and played version. One can spend countless hours playing this game without boredom because of the visually-appealing graphics used. The game loved by casino-goers before remains to be an attraction to most people today. Great graphics and simple gameplay---two among the many factors that keep slot machines relevant to this day and age of modern casino gaming.