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European Roulette History

European Roulette GameRoulette is a classic casino game that many players enjoy because it makes them feel like high-rollers even if they only put low stakes down on the table. It's a game that feels classy and sophisticated , and while it does require a great deal of luck and some strategy (primarily a strong understanding of the odds), players don't need any particular skill so it's a great game for virtually anyone to try out.

There is a lot of speculation about the history of Roulette, and that's a result of the true origins being lost. It can be assumed that it is based after some other historical game that used a wheel - and some believe that a similar game might date as far back as the invention of the wheel. Some also believe that European Roulette or a similar version of the game came from China, and found its way to Europe by traders who did business with the Chinese. Some history can be traced with more certainty back to the 17th and 18th centuries, where the spinning ball and wheel were versions of games played in Europe that might have later been used to develop the game that we know as Roulette.

The real know origins of the game - that is, the first time that modern Roulette made a definite appearance in history was around the 18th Century in Paris. The rules, strategy, and even the wheel used at that point in time were almost identical to European Roulette that's played today; the only real difference was a couple of colored Slots used on the wheel - with their variety, the 0 was red, and the 00 was black. When many players began to find these colors confusing, the wheel was changed to use green for both of the numbers to keep it clear since with most bets, the zeros do not count as wins for colors, they actually create the house edge.

European Roulette HistoryThe game was changed slightly in the 19th century when it was played in France. The new rules increased players odds, and aimed to slightly reduce the house edge. The inventor of the Single Zero Roulette machine travelled to Monoco to establish a new casino and operate it following the gambling prohibition in Germany, and it was this casino and the rules setup in Monte Carlo that established the true European Roulette rules. Following the introduction of Roulette and this casino in Monte Carlo is when the gambling industry in the country became established and began attracting many of the rich and famous looking to spend some money in hopes of increasing their fortunes.

The rest of Europe quickly adopted the standard set for Roulette in Monte Carlo, although the double zero Roulette Wheels did still survive despite the new trend in the United States, which is where the term 'American Roulette' came about.

Roulette is still one of the most popular games played today on both sides of the ocean. While European Roulette offers players better odds of winning with a decreased house edge for certain bets where there is no second zero on the wheel giving the casino an advantage; in the US the double zero has remained despite this, and certainly hasn't discouraged players from taking their chances and spinning the wheel!

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