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American Roulette History

American Roulette GameAmerican Roulette is one of the most popular casino games played today. It's a game that makes players feel like high-rollers even if they have a small bank roll, because Roulette tables in casinos often draw a crowd and a group of supporters for each player!

The type of Roulette played today is very similar to that of the past - though unfortunately there is no certain history to its origins, there is information about where the wheel came from and how American and European Roulette came about. In modern Roulette today, there are a variety of different types of bets that can be placed, each of which have different odds. The overall concept is, however, the same as it was in previous times; players make their bets using a betting area on the Roulette Table, and then the wheel is spun, and wherever the ball lands rdetermines the potential payoff!

Roulette's history is still in question, unfortunately there is no absolute certainty as to its origins. What is believed is that around the time that the wheel was invented, there was probably some form of game that involved a spinning wheel; though some do believe that the game was created in China and then was brought to Europe by traders.

The early versions of spinning wheel and ball games were documented in the 17th and 18th centuries, although it wasn't until late in the 18th century that a game that is more similar to modern Roulette appeared in Paris. At this stage in time, the Roulette wheel itself was slightly different; the zeroes on the wheel were red and black (single zero was red and the double zero was black) which made it confusing for players because it made them think that the zeroes were included in the black and red bets, whereas in reality the zeroes were there to give the casino a house edge, and would actually result in players losing in the wheel landed on these numbers when such a bet was placed. Later, the green color that now appears on Roulette wheels was used on the zeroes on the Roulette wheel to eliminate any confusion that was occurring.

American Roulette HistoryThe double zero game, which was later called American Roulette when the United States was really only the one to stick with it after the single zero Roulette wheel was introduced in the middle of the 19th century in France. The idea of the single zero game was to give players better odds of winning with certain bets. Some cynics say that this is exactly the reason why Americans hung onto the game, because the casinos didn't want to give their players an additional advantage since they wanted to turn a bigger profit. Whether that's true or not, there is a major differentiation to this date between the Roulette played in Europe with only one zero on the wheel, coined European Roulette; and the American version called American Roulette that still has two zeros on the wheel, as per the original version of the game!

Roulette is still one of the more popular games in casinos worldwide despite the facts that there are different styles used on different sides of the world; it's a game that makes players feel like high-rollers even if they only have a small bankroll!

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