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Let It Ride History

Let It Ride GameLet It Ride is a newer version of Poker with a short history since it was only introduced in casinos in 1993. Other casino games like Roulette and Baccarat are hundreds of years old, so in comparison, Let it Ride is a Poker Game with a short and sweet ancestry. Let It Ride does have an interesting story behind it, however. While most games are designed for the enjoyment of players or at least to help give the house an edge and some incoming revenue at casinos, Let It Ride was designed as a sales tactic.

Let It Ride is a game that not all players are familiar with, it uses a similar table to those used in Blackjack with designated circles where players can make their bets. A shuffle machine is always used to deal the cards, and then a dealer distributes hands of 3 cards to each player at the table, plus two cards which appear face down in front of the dealer. Players who do not like their hands can remove their bet from the table that they placed in circle number one. Once players have decided whether or not to proceed, the dealer turns over one of the two cards in front of them which can be used as a community card. Players then have the choice to take down their second bet or "let it ride" after the second card has been revealed. The second community card is then turned face up to allow players to make their 5-card poker hands!

Let It Ride was a Poker game designed and invented by Shuffle Master Company, a developer of automatic shuffler machines. They used the game to demonstrate their product and try to make sales. In 1992 Shuffle Master created the BG-1 automatic shuffler which was meant to provide an alternative to human shuffling which was used by most land-based casinos. Unfortunately for the company, most casinos didn't take this is a big improvement and didn't begin purchasing the machines. In order to try and make some sells, they created a new game, Let It Ride Poker, which would grow in popularity and in turn the shuffling machines did start to be picked up by Las Vegas casinos, however, it was the game that really began to become popular.

Let It Ride HistoryNow, Let It Ride Poker tables are in most casinos around Las Vegas along with the shuffling machines that are since substantially more popular. Additional games have also been developed by the Shuffle Master Company such as Let It Ride Bonus which has an additional $4 side bet that gives players an additional payout if their first three cards are a pair or better. Progressive jackpot versions of Let It Ride Poker have also been introduced by many casinos using the bonus version with the $1 side bet. With the progressive jackpot games of Let It Ride Poker, players have the opportunity to win big only if they get a straight flush or royal flush, with 100% of the jackpot money being awarded to players who get the Royal Flush and 10% of the progressive jackpot for a Straight Flush.

Since Let It Ride has been introduced in casinos, it's also appeared on the internet. It was first introduced to online casino gaming by InterCasino and pretty much all online casinos now have it!

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