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Craps Beginning with Troy

Craps Beginning with Troy GameLooking back, we rarely question the type of activities that people did historically for entertainment, because they don't seem as relevant to the bigger picture. We look at wars which were fought and how they shaped the countries that we live in today, but we don't always stop to question exactly what activities did they do just in their spare time, and even in this, there's important history, because this is where some activities we enjoy today came from as well. After the movie Troy came out, a lot of people started talking, but the questions circulated related to the fighting and battles and the periods of rest, even in Homer's classic work The Illiad.

That being said, gambling has a long history even dating back to the times of the epic Greek battles. Though there was a lot of fighting taking place, battles likely weren't quite as long and grandiose as movies portray them, even the soldiers fighting in the epic battles got some down time; and since during this period, women were kept on a different side of the wall, separated the men from the women, the men had plenty of time for activities like gambling that kept them in competition with one another and also passed the time!

According to some records, dice games actually derived in the Greek times with someone named Palamed who suggested the games in order to help other soldiers deal with the boredom of the hours when they weren't fighting. These games are what have now been attributed to the history of Craps!

Craps Beginning with Troy HistoryWe might not think about it, but most games played in casinos in Las Vegas, in online and in other places around the world that support gambling all have a history that stems back into ancient times. Gambling has roots in many countries histories, and many games that we played have played a major role in former times of countries around the world. All games started somewhere, and while they play a major role in our culture today, all games have similar histories in the worlds of our ancestors just as they do today!

Gambling even plays a role in literature, myths and folk culture with stories that come out of Asia, Japan the Philippines and India. While dice games have long histories in many of these cultures including the civilizations in India, China, Libya, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire where many cultures such as the North American Indians, Mayans, Aztecs Eskimos and Africans have all played these games and used some interesting materials to do it. Without what we know as modern dice available to these cultures, people used peach and plum stones, plant seeds, bones from animals like bison and sheep, nuts, beaver teeth, deer horns, bronze, ceramics, onyx, agate, mountain crystal, black amber, marble or virtually whatever else they had available.

Keep on visiting and you'll learn more about the role that gambling played in ancient history and how that relates exactly to what we know about gambling today and the role that it plays as entertainment in our own lives! It may be ancient history, but it relates to just what's in front of us today!

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