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Big Six History

Big Six GameBefore the game show Wheel of Fortune which has popularized the casino game, there were other forms of the game which made it what it has become today. The game known also as Big Six, Money Wheel or Wheel of Fortune actually dates way back to the days when wars were fought in chariots, and knights in shining armor walked the streets.

Even in the days when many disputes were settled with bloodshed between soldiers, commanders of the troops used games to help soldiers playing for the same team to get over their arguments without coming to fatal blows. Which is ironic, considering they were resourceful in coming up with materials to create their games, and actually used the results of battle, such as overturned chariots for their dispute settling endeavors. The soldiers would use the wheel of an overturned carriage as the Big Six wheel and would use their sword to mark the reference point. Since a chariot wheel naturally doesn't have slots with prizes or monetary rewards like the modern variety of the game, the soldiers would mark their points on the wheel along the rim between two spokes of their choosing. Then, one of them would spin the wheel and whoever's mark the sword met when the wheel stopped spinning would win, and whatever dispute was taking place would be settled before anyone was forced to whip out their sword.

Later, this archaic version of Big Six left the battlefields and was brought to harvest celebration festivals. With the war behind them, soldiers brought their swords as the stakes. In order to make this game more accessible and established. Though one version of the game used a smaller wheel like in Roulette, the large wheel remained popular because at festivals, people in large groups could see the results from a distance away.

Big Six HistoryToday, the popularity of the game has carried over; it's inspired the popular TV show Wheel of Fortune, which might not be an exact replica of the Big Six Game but is close enough that it's obvious where the concept came from. Wheel of Fortune Slot games have also been established following the same trend, because despite the fact that this is a game that gives players little chance to win big, it's fun, it's popular and it seems to have great appeal! Today's version of Wheel of Fortune, is of course a bit more structured to that game of the past; today, a game of Big Six progresses as follows:

  • Players make their bets before the wheel is spun and they can wager on a category that is associated with a slot on the wheel. Minimum bets are often $5 for even money bets, and $2 for other types of bets in Big Six
  • Players can choose to make as many bets as they like in Big Six and can bet on multiple categories. This does come with more risk, since there's the potential for a greater loss if their choices don't come up after the wheel has been spun.
  • Once bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel using a strong spin. Once the wheel stops, there is an indicator that points to the winning number; similarly to the more archaic version used by soldiers in times gone by
  • Depending upon the winning number, payoffs are distributed to players who placed bets on those categories

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