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Reversi History

Reversi GameReversi has been around for centuries and it also goes by the name Othello. It's one game that has a history that no one is certain about, although there are different theories as to the origins of the game.

Today's version of Reversi is very similar to what was played in ancient history. It's a game that utilizes an 8x8 board. Two players can get involved in a game of Reversi at any given time, and they use black and white discs which can be flipped over to make the game progress. The end result is for one player to have the most of their colored discs on the board; however, the process of getting there can be a long one. As they were previous in history, Othello tournaments are still popular today; in these games, points are distributed to the winning player, and the final outcome of the tournament goes to the player who has managed to accumulate the most points during the game. Despite its popularity, even today, Othello is not really a casino game. It is, however, popular as a board game in family homes across North America and is available online for those who want to refine their strategy.

One belief is that it was invented in China called Fan Mian, and others believe that the game was made available by Lewis Waterman and John W. Mollett in the 1890's. What is known about Reversi is that in 1970 the modern rules of the game, which have since been introduced worldwide are now used to play the game in many countries. These rules were developed by Goro Hasegawa. Othello is not yet as popular as Backgammon or Chess, but it Japan alone it's believed that there are some 60 million players, and it's growing in other countries worldwide and online.

Reversi HistoryIn the 1980's Othello was also introduced to Hong Kong, although it found its way there in an atypical way. The Apple Jeans company included the Othello board as an added incentive with their sales. It wasn't a traditional board since they used yellow for the board instead of the green used today, and also had the company's logo included on it. Disc faces were also part of the theme of the company, in red and green. This is where Hong Kong style Othello came from, which varies a little bit from the traditional version. Cheap boards have since been produced similar to this board, which require that players add stickers to the discs. This version is still popular in Hong Kong and other cheap versions of the game are still available around the world. Despite this board having a slightly different format from the traditional version, it does follow the same rules of the game.

Reversi is a game that's played only in some casinos in the United States, but it is available to play online. It's also a popular game that's part of board game packages and played in many North American households. While it can be an easy game to start playing, it's not necessarily one that's easy to play well, so players who want to continue to play it long term really need to work at perfecting their strategy along the way!

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