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Sports Betting Fantasy

Sports Betting Fantasy

Betting on a Fantasy in any sport is an uncommon way to participate in sports betting. One sports betting player states that the analysis that he learned pre-Internet playing in fantasy football leagues has made him a better handicapper of football games and the player match ups that will affect the final score. You ask can fantasy football make you money? The answer is yes if you know how to judge player match ups between the two teams. Doing this in depth analysis is not for every better, but the work involved is well worth the time invested when you can have a better handle on whether the over/under number will be to high or to low. The mindset that is needed to be an expert fantasy football player is far different than that of a sports better on football. Fantasy players have to look at player match ups to figure out which running back will have the best Sunday game or Monday night game. The same is true for quarterbacks and receivers. This kind of player detail is a real clue to the over and under betting. A key to this idea is a hurt player may cause a team to change its game play and become more pass oriented than usual or more run oriented. A change in game play can drastically change the under/over scenario. This is where a better can make some easy scores if the analysis is correct. A major departure from a teams game plan can make the points scored lower than usual or exceptionally high. Either way this could raise havoc with the tight over/under picture. Teams with a star player injured are forced to compensate and this could cause them to open the offense like they never do when the injured player is healthy. An offense that is changed may not mean lower scoring as so many betters would believe and the smart better can take advantage of this erroneous opinion.

One example of this idea is from 2001 when Edgerrin James was hurt for the Colts. This was a blow to their offense and Peyton Manning was forced to throw even more and to make up for the loss of James they went over 14 out of 16 games for the season. A passing game means more possessions and more scoring opportunities. A running game means longer possessions and few scoring opportunities. Betters look at the injury and not what the team with the injury must change and what the defense must change. This leads to making game plans by the better that are way off base and the result will be just the opposite of what they thought would happen. The use of fantasy football sites to help in making bets is a little used treasure that many betters do not even know exists. A site like Rotowire.com can give a true insight in the game that others will be completely on the other side of. This analysis be people that are good at what they do can make a player a great deal of money during football season. Another invaluable site is footballinjuries.com. This site gives the facts and an analysis of what the injury may mean during the game. Their insight can be invaluable. Using fantasy information sites can make a good football handicapper a great one and a big time money winner by betting where the analysis points and not where the weekendfan is situated. There are sites and certain analyst that should be looked at each week to see what their proven expertise is coming down on.

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