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Betting Association

Betting Association

European providers set up a non-profit betting association Some heavy weights are involved with board members Betandwin, Nobert Teufelberger and Manfred Bodner the most active companies within the organization. The organization got support from Stig Hebern and Torbjorn Ihre a gaming lobbyist.

CasinoCity states the event is a shift in European sports betting and gaming industry. This followed European Court of Justice, ECJ, decision which opened the markets to private operators within the European markets in the medium term

The decision will allow all operators licensed in their country of origin to provide their services to penetrate foreign markets. Only restrictions which are to be imposed are grounds of public interest. The ECJ announced that they could not restrict by public order an applicant and at the same time allow lotteries, games of chance or betting in order to get revenue streams for public coffers. In other words, they could not be two faced between what they already allowed and what the outside provider wanted to put into their country.

The hope of this organization is to help the gaming industry grow in a responsible way that is fair to all concerned. They also want to stop countries from protecting their providers and keeping other providers at bay This idea may sound a little grandiose, but its goal is to make all gaming in every country free from gaming the system to the detriment of the players and the freezing out of other operators from member countries of the EU.

Only time will tell if this organization can make a difference in this fight for free movement across country boundaries with regard to gaming companies and each country wanting to protect their own gaming companies. The idea sounds good to players, but the companies that have a lock on their country may feel differently about this opening of their private market.

Organizations across country boundaries always are looked at with a raised eyebrow as the politicians in the country are not happy with giving up their power to outside organizations. The players are for any measure that effects their fair treatment in the gaming world.

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