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Only 15 percent of a recent survey of online casino players said that online casinos are more fun than live casinos. A more negative aspect of online players is that 89% only wager $10 per visit. The online industry is doing a number of things to combat both of these negatives that showed up in the surveys.

Online Casino software developers are working on new games and new technologies that will help cure both of these problems. The word is the games will be more interactive and will develop a deeper community feeling with the online site. As computer speeds increase and the sounds or animation of the sites improves, online gaming will come closer to the experience that is part of the live casino ambiance. Live casinos are not quiet and there can be an air of true excitement in the casino. One of the developments in games is likely to be gambling on games like PacMan and Donkey Kong. These games take skill and this could be an ingredient that makes gaming online a great deal more fun. One of the reasons for video poker's popularity is this skill element that is part of the games appeal. New games that incorporate this into the game could have a winner on their hands.

Each year there is a conference called Online Gambling II that is run by SM Conferences. This is a premier event and last year it was a tremendous success. Sm Conferences runs an event in several fields like media, IT, and the Internet. Online Gambling II will cover many common issues for the people that have the biggest investment in this industry. The topics to be discussed will be Gaming Regulation in America, Internet Sports Gambling, creating effective WAP gambling brands and Technologies. Other topics will be about Las Vegas casinos going online and the licensing of online casinos on Native American lands.

The people attending this meeting will be online casino operators, Internet software developers and gaming regulators that are eager to learn about this new gaming venue.

The speakers will be known members of the industry like Gambling Online Magazine's editor, Michael Caselli, Bryan Abboud, Chairman of Global Entertainment and Mark Rikin, COO and Director of Cryptologic. If you have questions about the gaming industry and how it works, then book your reservations for this event in Toronto in the middle of February.

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