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Who Wins Lotteries

Who Wins Lotteries

Who wins the biggest lotteries in the world. And, even better where are these lotteries held. The lotteries in Europe are well known to that part of the world, especially in France, England and Spain. However these are baby lotteries when compared to the Canada's Super 7 or the US Power-ball that has come in at a whopping $363 million. The fact that the US Power-ball is one of the biggest says ample words about our culture and the super big things the US does when compared to other countries. This can be both good and bad as the country can go on a tear down the wrong road as well as the right road. For example when we catch a cold in our economy the rest of the world catches pneumonia and almost dies. The US lottery also says something about the money that is spent in the US on frivolous things. The other countries could catch up if they had a more understanding tax law when it comes to winning the lottery. The US does what it does and the Tax Man is right there to get his share. Also in the US the winner can choose to take 30 yearly payments or take a lower cash out amount.

The lottery in the US is also very regressive as the bulk of the weekly players are not rich and may even be considered poor by US standards. Rich people play the lottery when it gets really high in prize money, but leave it alone when it is starting out from the low ten million range. A huge number of players come to play when the prize gets over $100 million. From that point on the number of players increases and the number of tickets sold to individuals expands also. This accounts for the rapid growth in the prize money as the weeks go by.

The lottery was sold to the public by stating that the money would be used for schools in the US. That is true to a point, but the politicians saw that they could cut back what the state had to put up with this new source of money for education. The end result is the money for education did not grow as was expected. So the two pluses of this gamble did not come to pass and beyond that the purchase of a lottery ticket is one of the worst gambles a person can make as the odds of winning are worse than being struck by lightening. And look how many people are hit by lightening each year.

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