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Ban Spouse Gambling

Ban Spouse Gambling

For centuries taking chances, gambling or trying to predict the future with an eye to making money from such a prediction has been entertainment, recreation and a source for personal satisfaction. Living is a free society in a democracy, a person has the right to spend their earnings as they see fit. Every person is free to enjoy what life has to offer and that includes gambling on the outcome of a football game. This endeavor is okay up till the person ends up losing a lot of money, getting into financial trouble and causing stress in the family. But since we believe in free will, this is just an exercise of extreme freedom. It is certainly their personal choice alone as long as they are single and not with family obligations. Once the family is involved this situation changes when one spouse is not gambling responsibly. Family relationships are at stake when one of the spouses is out of control with family money that is supposed to cover obligations that the family has. When this takes place in a family, it can lead to financial problems, bankruptcy and even become negative enough to end up in divorce and the family disintegrating. Unfortunately there are millions of gamblers with this problem and the breakdown of the family unit. The addictive gambler is not happy without the thrill of losing or winning money. This type of gambler is not rational as the gambling has replaced all that should be important in their life. This should cause the imagination to become frightened to any rational person. When a spouse has this problem it can bring about devastating consequences to the the family. The harm does not stop with the gambler, but can bring suffering to all of the family members, including the innocent children in the family.

With this outcome from gambling by a spouse, should the other spouse have the right to legally ban the irresponsible spouse from gambling. There are aspects to this that need to be looked at. A marriage relationship is one of the closest and mysterious situations that two human beings can be involved in. This bond is based in love, respect, intimacy and a mutual belonging. Both spouses should be responsible to the other and their children. An addictive gambler will violate the cannons of marriage by spending family funds in a carelessly irresponsibly way. Gamblers have been extensively researched and the facts are the addicted gambler is irrational and lacks self control due to irrational thinking. These people are helpless against their addiction and can become depressed and even aggressive. How to help a gambler cope with their disease varies with the family and the seriousness of the problem. As of now there is no legal way that a spouse can ban the other spouse from gambling. Families, gaming outlets and casinos are well aware of the problem. However the casinos have no legal obligation to stop the addicted gambler. In fact, the gaming houses and casinos are happy to allow these gamblers to play in their venues. There is no way a casino can demand proof that a spouse has the right to gamble from their spouse.

At this moment there is no hue and cry for spouses to be able to legally stop their spouses from gambling and there is a second problem. Is the spouse that is gambling really causing problems or is there just a rift between the two spouses. The proof would have to be from an outside source. This type of government intervention while well intended may be a bridge to far for many people. If you are not involved in such a relationship then bless your lucky stars.

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