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2004 WSOP

2004 WSOP

The Limit Hold em Shootout

The shootout was all about 24 tables with a total player count of 240 players. The payout was for the winner of each table. So each table actually was a mini tournament by itself. After finishing second at a table I got aced to my kings in a super satellite. The thought crossed my mind that maybe a bad run was in progress.

No Limit Hold em Shootout

The format was the same as the Limit Shootout, only this tournament had 400 players which meant there were 40 tables with a winner coming from each table. Luck ran very good at the start and then the dreaded bad run hit. The hands were really the devil to me as I had a fellow player all in 4 out of 5 hands and lost them all. Four of the five hands were favorable to me but the flop god got me.

2004 WSOP: Omaha HiLow Split

Came close but no cigar. Close in these tournaments is not like horseshoes and close wins nothing.

Pot Limit Hold em

My luck is running weird so my tactics changed and I played bad hands on purpose. Of course this just made my exit sooner not later. The exit hand was a Q6, not a great starting hand in any players book.

New Game at the Bellagio

The game is a 1,2 limit Hold em. That is $100,000/$200,000 with a minimum of Ten Million to sit down and play. A Texas banker has come into town to take on the best players in the world in a heads up match. The game starts at 6am, his rule and a dozen pros have put together a bank roll to take him on.

$5,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split

My play was better in this tournament, but I missed a great draw to get knocked out of the tournament The draw was to a Ace, two, three and the flop came 6,7, K and with a possible Club flush. The flop god said no way and the final two cards did nothing for my hand. So I slunk away from the table again.

The Poker Gods were active in this game as Devilfish and Mike Matusow made a bet about who would last longer. As it turned out they left the game 3 hours later, hitting the rail first and second out. So much for being the best at this game.

2004 WSOP: $1500 No Limit Hold em

Again off to a good start with three Jacks to three sixes. The game had 800 runners and I lasted to get into smelling the money with 100 players left in the contest. Again I am looking at two Kings, while being up against two Aces. The Aces stand up and my lovely Kings send me on my way. The super satellite and I are getting to be to close as far as I am concerned. If this happens to me in the main event this diary idea is going into the round can.

As every player that plays Holdem knows. Aces are a great starting hand. However they can be beaten. I once saw two players go all in with Aces and the third all in player with a pair of nines. The nines got the third nine and beat both pairs of Aces. What are the odds of that hand coming up. If a player plays long enough, they are going to see the unbelievable happen many times. Like four aces losing to a straight flush. The players prayer is please let this happen in a cash game and not at the final table in the Main Event at the WSOP.

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