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VIP Freeroll

VIP Freeroll

VIP held a poker freeroll for online NFL sportsbetting and poker players. Gamers that like NFL betting and poker can be rewarded at VIP with their newest promotion, the $2,000 Sports Fantasy Freeroll. Joe B. found out last week when he became the first winner of the newest VIP promotion. Joe did not think much of his chances and almost did not play. He is sure glad that he changed his mind. When I logged on and entered the tournament I was just looking for entertainment.

Joe has been playing poker with his buddies for 30 years, but he had little if any tournament experience. The winner of this tournament has the chance to win tickets to any NFL game of their choice. That is some prize for a poker player that is also an avid NFL fan. Joe and another 134 players entered the tournament and when he was still alive with fifty players he said that he set a goal for himself of making the final table. I really did not think about winning until I made the final table in eight place. It was exciting to be there from the starting 135 players. The atmosphere changed when he reached HeadsUp play. The people watching were rooting for their favorite with the two finalist. There was positive chat and cheering.

Joe won the tournament with a full house on the final hand. He was sort of non-plused when he won and realized that he was going to have to make a choice or which game to go see. He is going the New York game on December 3rd between the Giants and the Cowboys. He is excited about this as there in no NFL team in his area. This going to be fun seeing New York and a game between two of the NFL's finest teams.

VIP has this promotion every month so if this is your pleasure step up and play, you could be the next winner. Remember the players in this tournament are die hard rooters for their team. So do not expect it to be easy to win.

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