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VIP Pokers Freeroll Winnerg

VIP Pokers Freeroll Winnerg

VIP.com Poker announces the second winner of its VIP Poker $2000 Sports Fantasy Freeroll. George N. was the winner of VIP.com Poker's second $2000 Sports Fantasy Freeroll. George beat out 192 players to win the freeroll with its prize of a trip to any NFL game or his choice. Of course all expenses are paid by VIP.com. A thrilled George stated that he was feeling great about his win and his fiancée just kept jumping up and down with excitement.

George, age 33, is a video production specialist who hails from Sacramento, California. His love of poker started at 16 with the help of his friends. His online time has not been that long and his account with VIP Sportsbook prodded him into their poker room. Before that he used the account for sports wagering. He just followed the notices that the site sent to him about their poker site.

George's online experience has been successful since he took up the invitation to play poker.

I thought what the heck, I will give it a try. I really enjoy playing poker from my home.

I have been a customer of VIP.com for about four years and I have been happy with the site. I have not even thought of trying another site as this one has been good to me. This win of a trip to a NFL game is exciting for me and my fiancée. We are looking forward to the trip once we decide what city to visit. We want a city that has a lot to offer and we want to see it for ourselves including the game. George offers this advice for other VIP.com customers.

Customers should check their emails and read about the specials the site offers. This is how I found out about the freerolls. Look what happened to me and a little luck at the table.

VIP.com offers these specials all of the time on a variety to wagering venues. This includes not only poker, but sports bets, horse racing wagers and all types of casino wagering.

A suggestion is find out about the poker freeroll with the Super bowl prize. That trip would be really a fun situation with a great prize. All one needs is a little luck at the right time in the game. One other thing there are many other specials that a player can take advantage of at VIP.com.

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