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VIP Player Hits It Big

VIP Player Hits It Big

VIP.com player hits it big for the second time in 18 months. Donald R. hit a Royal Flush for a life changing win of $40,000. He was playing $50 Deuces Wild when the spin ended up on the monster hand. Donald says he very carefully mark hold on each card as he calculated his win and then felt his jaw drop when he realized how much he had just won. He says that he has played at other casinos, but his favorite is VIP as he has had better luck at this casino compared with the others he has played. He considers himself a regular at the sportsbook and casino. This is the only casino that I have had a Royal Flush at so why play anywhere else. His luck at this casino is not new as 18 months ago he had another Royal Flush while playing Caribbean Stud.

When asked what he was going to do with the money, he replied that it would come in handy paying off the medical bills from his wife's death back in March. He has two young daughters and is a single father. The excess after the bills will go for my girls education.

After the sorrow of the last few months this is a blessing in more ways than you can imagine. This will make a big difference in our lives and is certainly a bright spot for us. Thank you VIP.com, from the bottom of my heart.

This casino has an excellent sportsbook and covers all types of sporting bets. The book offers stats and other info on sports bets and horse racing. The site also offers poker for those that like this very popular game.

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