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Mike Tyson

Iron Mike as Tyson is called is a prohibitive favorite in his scheduled fight against Danny Williams. Tyson has a record of 50 wins, 4 losses and 44 knockouts. Williams has a record of 31 wins and 3 losses. The odds-makers have Tyson as a 7 to one favorite. Other fighters have faced Tyson as a huge underdog, but one such underdog came through and won the fight. Buster Douglas was the last to do the deed against Tyson.

This fight scheduled to take place in Louisville, Kentucky has a lot of betting interest like most of Tyson's fights. The fact that Williams is such an underdog has forced the betting public to look at the proposition bets rather than who will win. A better can bet on who will win, bet on the round that the fights ends and bet on what kind of win the fight came out on, TKO KO or points. The 2nd and 3rd round leads the round for the end of the fight. Tyson is expected to win with a KO. With the odds makers heavily backing Tyson to win the nimble better should look at the 7 to one odds and maybe take a flyer. Tyson has lost before when a heavy favorite.

Tyson has only had one fight in the last two and one half wears. That is not very good preparation for a heavy weight fight. Williams is quoted as saying that Tyson has had his day in the sun and now it is my turn in the sun. Many fight fans are wondering if the long layoff will make Tyson rusty and unable to fight for more than a few rounds. They also are aware that the last time Tyson fought as Champion he was defeated by Holyfield and he was favored in that fight too.

All but one of the substantial underdogs that have fought Tyson have been able to back up their before fight bravado. Talk is cheap when it comes to heavyweight fights. For many of Tyson's early fights his showing up to fight put such fear in his opponents, they were beaten before the fight started. Williams's answer to this dilemma is to acknowledge that Tyson has a great power in his punches, but I am ready for him in this fight. The fight is important to both fighters, as it could be a stepping-stone to a title fight with Klitschko

When Tyson fought Clifford Memphis the fight lasted only 49 seconds with a Tyson KO. That is Tyson's strategy in this fight as a long fight could be put into question Tyson's stamina. This may account for the heavy betting action on an early round KO by Tyson.

The thinking of many that know the fight game is this. Tyson is aging and broke. Some question if he can still fight. It is amazing that Tyson has burned through 300 million dollars and now owes 38 million more. The shame of this fight is this powerful fighter is now a shell of his former self and has to fight fighters that are unknown or just barely on the list of possible contenders. Tyson has to also hope that fans will still care enough to see this older fighter try one last time.

The gross mishandling of his money has brought Tyson to the terrible necessity of having to fight just to make some money, as all of his is gone. His fancy cars and his multi-million-dollar home are gone. It is stated that he was earning some money by feeding pigeons in Phoenix home. Pros that write about boxing claim his reflexes are slow and due to his age is having spasm in his back. But they also confess that one of his powerful punches could end any fight.

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