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A scamdicaper is a term that describes a handicapping service that is not providing an honest partnership with betters, but seeks to scam them of all the cash they can get. The signs that a service is not honest is wildly outrageous win percentages, operating under multiple names, giving both side of the game or harassing you with numerous phone calls until you buy their program. In Nevada the sports services must post their picks with the gaming commission before they can give them out. This stops putting out both sides of a game.

Many of the services that are run from offshore locals are in the shady side of the business. The operators of these services are con artists and thieves. Only a handful that are registered in the US are really honest and hard working for their clients. This area of sports betting grows all of the time with new services appearing on the Internet, TV or radio with most from offshore Scamdicapers. The claims from these con men include that they have a large group of people that keep them informed of inside information. The reality is there are 6 to 12 highpressure sales types in a boiler room setting that do not have a clue about who will win the game they are pushing.

You, can get caught up in this web of con men by calling a toll free 800 number looking to receive a free pick that will allegedly get you some extra cash from their special pick for this weekend. The pitch is you are going to get their 50 STAR lock of the year. This pick will get you well for all of your losses for this season. Most people who call are on a losing streak and disparate to have a win. If you were doing fine on your own, you would not be calling. The connection when made will be to a pushy and shouting salesman that gets you to give them a credit card and after a while of repeated attempts the caller gives in After all you are going to get their lock of the year. This win will get you out of the hole you have put yourself in due to your losing bets. Remember this person has no clue who will win and you will be likely to lose. You not only lose the bet, but you will also blew a couple of hundred bucks for a worthless guess.

The next step is brutal and it follows one of two paths, you call back for another lock and lose more or you are done with these jerks forever. Both will cost you either money or a mountain of frustration as the first expert once you have blown them off will sell you name to another Scamdicaper who will then bug you until you change your number.

Bear it in mind that these shysters are owned by the same person and once in their web you will be harassed until your number is disconnected. Each phone call will be from a new person with a different company name. They will even tell you that the company that burned you was a crook and they had heard about others like you that had been burned. Giving out both sides of a game is illegal in Nevada and is prevented by having to post your picks before giving them out with the gaming commission. However they have no control over offshore operators. It the crooked operator gives out different sides to four betters, one will go 2 and 0 for the weekend. Two will go 1 and 1 and the last poor sole will go 0 to 2. the last will be sold off to another crook and the 2 and 0 better cannot wait for your next pick and the two that broke even will possibly give the sports service another chance. This is an ingenuous idea, but is nothing but a scam.

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