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Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Roulette as most gaming patrons know is a common game on online sites and in live casinos. There are two common versions and these have to do with the zero or double zero. There is a significant difference in the house edge between the two versions with the double zero raising the house edge substantially.

There is a third version that one should never play and that is Russian Roulette. This version of roulette started during the Russian-Turkish wars in the 19th century. Acute boredom and amazing amounts of consumed Vodka were the catalyst that got this form of Roulette started. The soldiers were sharing trenches and had nothing to do except find a game that they could play in the war zone.

All that is needed for this stupid game is a Smith /& Wesson revolver, bullets and extreme boredom. Only a tenth of the Russian Army was involved in this war and the officers that were assigned to this front soon became extremely bored, allowing for the conditions for Russian Roulette to spring into being. A Russian saying is the man is crazy, not the bullet.

This game became extremely popular and a part of the Russian officers attempt to make their lousy life more bearable. The act of betting one's life made this game as exciting as it could be as that is the ultimate bet. The mystery that brought these Russian officers to bet their life on the spend of revolver drum is as difficult to understand as the Russian soul. The number of deaths from this life ending game, worried the high command and they handed out stiff punishments to officers that played the game and were caught playing. In later Russian history during the rebellion that led to a communist government the game became popular with previous sergeants and other lover ranks. These soldiers were now the officer core. They wanted to copy what officers they served under had done for amusement.

The game is simple to play, as the revolver has seven chamber and only one is filled with a bullet. The player spins the drum and pulls the trigger with the revolver to his temple. If the chamber under the trigger is empty the player has beaten death. The gun is then passed to the next player. Each player has a one to six chance to beat instant death. The only bet that is allowed is each players life. The game is usually played by players that have had more Vodka than is good for them. Suicides were extremely rare, but death by this game was on the rise until the revolver was replace by a TT model which made the game technically not playable with this model of gun.

When this game was being played, the alcohol level and adrenaline were at a peak in the player. During the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution the game was still being played and vodka with a kicker of cocaine made the players almost fearless.

The game did transfer to other countries and was played there. Although it never reached the level of popularity that it had in the Russian Army. There are all kinds of stories about people in isolated situations that became so bored that they tried the game just for the thrill of playing. I guess desperate people will do most anything to get away from boredom.

In order to play this game the player must not value their life very much and the thrill of dieing is not something that a sane person would pursue. The reason that the Russians first started this game is a wonder to anyone that has read about the game and its results.

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