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Roy Cooke

Roy Cooke

Poker rookies play to many hands, that is their biggest mistake. This idea came from a poker player by the name of Roy Cooke. In 1980, Roy Cooke was only 22. He made a name at that age by winning Amarillo Slim's Super Bowl of Poker in Lake Tahoe. Cooke made his living playing poker in the many card rooms that dotted the West Coast. His life from his teens to the middle of his twenties was all about poker. The poker life style consumed him and he knew it. After much thought he backed off and decided on a new track for his life.

His life now days is not completely wrapped up in Poker. He writes for Card Player magazine and is also an official spokesman for Planet Poker. He post his thoughts on the United Poker Forum. Roy lives in Vegas and is sometimes seen playing a few hands at one of the Vegas Poker rooms. He is not seen on TV playing in a WPT game or the WSOP, but he is considered a poker player worth listening to about poker.

Roy answered a question about how the game has changed since his teen years. His answer is interesting in that he said that started in low limit games and developed the idea of only playing solid cards which gave him a solid game. As he progressed to higher limits he had to put more plays in his game. The limit push made him add to his basic game. With advent of all the poker books and the Internet play, he found that he could not just sit and wait for a great starting hand. His suggestion was to play against some of the standard ideas.

How would you suggest that a new player avoid making rookie mistakes? Roy's answer is simple, play fewer hands and play very tight as you will be playing against players that are more experienced. A new player should be realistic about how well they play. This idea parallels the idea that most men say they are far better about driving than women.

Which games do you like to play and are there any that you stay away from? My best game is limit Hold em and I do not play stud as my skills in that game are not good enough against good stud players.

Which do you prefer cash games or tournaments? I play cash games as these games are about poker. Tournaments are all about surviving and playing in a defensive manner. Plus you cannot go back into your pocket if you tap out. In tournaments you have to be willing to risk your tournament life by going all in.

What is happening at United Poker Forum? The Forum just went through an upgrade. We had to make the site capable of handling the increase in traffic that was continuously growing. The new site has many new features that make it fun to visit and is very informative for visitors to the site.

Planet Poker is one of the first online poker sites. Why did you get involved? The founder called me and asked me to take a look at what he was offering to the online players. At that time there was only one site, now there are over 250 competitors. At the present time the site is going through a full scale innovation. The site is absolutely involved in making its new online site one of the best that can be found online.

What is happening now with the idea of a National Poker Organization? We are trying to get some of the well known players to get behind this idea. If we can do that then we can get the organization up and running.

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