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Phil Laak

Phil Laak

Phil Laak, alias the Unabomber, is a professional poker player and the husband of the lady actor that stole the movie "Let It Ride" from its big name star Richard Dreyfus.

He was given his nickname by others and he lives with it. The name stuck probably due to the way he covers up in his hooded sweats after raising or calling. He is a ball of energy and humor. His motto is live well and have fun. He does both as his skill at poker helps him make decent money. His antics sometimes get him in trouble with other players or the game enforcers in tournaments. Phil talks in a rapid fire way, as he seems to be charged with manic energy that also shows in his playing style.

He was introduced to poker by a friend and has been hooked ever since. Phil said of his first experience playing poker, he saw what he had been missing. What a great game. After the first time he started playing all the time and logged in 1500 hours a year during his early years in poker. His provoking behavior belies a keen intelligence that showed when he received his BS in Mechanical Engineering. His intellect must be fed so he sometimes reads Princeton's website of engineering anomalies research department. However he lives far removed from a conservative lifestyle and is removed from generally accepted rules of conduct. Life to me is about having fun, happiness and being free. I like to play smart poker with a touch of goofing around. But above all I believe in having fun and exercising the joy of freedom. I got the name from other people and it does not bother me, although I do not want to disturb anyone. The fellow that made the name famous was very sick and a twisted evil person. When I cover up in my hooded sweats, I look somewhat like that nut.

This handsome slim-built man has interesting stories about his poker life including a paranormal experience. The story goes like this, I had been up playing for three days, but without any drug or other help. I was in a zone and the table was like a medium and the chips in the pot seemed to be floating. For just a few minutes I was in tune with the deck and I fully understood the entire matrix of poker and then I suddenly did not know what to do. Two players in front of me had acted, I knew that I could not win and I had completely forgotten about folding. The suddenly like the sun rising I realized that I could fold. That resolved the situation, I could just fold and sit quietly in my seat. This poker pro seems to be friends with the good players and they seem to like his humor. Of course this is on TV and that may be just the scene the show is pushing. But it seems real to the TV audience and that is what people that watch are likely to believe.

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