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Phil Hellmuth states, "I don't really fear anybody at the poker table"

Phil Hellmuth came from the Midwest where he started playing poker at age 19 at the University of Wisconsin. He is a legitimate poker star as he has won nine WSOP bracelets. When he beat Johnny Chan in 1989 he became the youngest player to ever win the WSOP main event. When asked about the poker craze that is going on at this time, Phil credits the TV coverage of the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour

His playing ability on TV and his books on poker have made his name well known among poker players. He also has written a book entitled "Play Poker Like the Pros". His book has enjoyed a high ranking in books on Poker. Poker fans have noticed that he likes to play for large amounts of money. How ever his decorum at the poker table leaves much to be desired from a nine time winner of WSOP events. He truly believes he is the best poker player there is and he thinks only lucky players beat him. His over the top antics have brought criticism down on him, but the antics are from his hatred of losing any hand. He has no problem with being called the poker Brat. His presence at a poker table seems to bring the cameras to bear on his table, waiting for one of his snarling outburst because some unknown player has outplayed him on a hand. Norman Chad, the TV poker analyst has been one of his most outspoken critics about his demeanor and not his solid play. Both elements deserve comment, but the good comments are about his play and the bad comments are about his antics when he loses a pot.

He believes and has stated that people that beat him are just lucky and he will get them back in the end. He admits to being a poker brat and even says it is a good decription of his conduct. Sometimes he crosses the line when he feels that luck beat him and not the other players skill. He admits that he should handle his play better and keep his comments to himself. How ever his brat image has helped to make him a name in the poker world. He should handle himself with more decorum, but he just hates losing.

He believes that Norman Chad has it in for him. He thinks that some of Chad s comments are over the edge. How ever if he just nails Hellmuth for whining at the table to much, he says that is fine as it is true and Phil knows it is true.

TV has been great for poker and maybe we will become a national pastime like golf did with its TV coverage. That sport has its great champions of the past like Palmer and Nicklaus. Maybe we will do the same with some of our really good poker players.

His first book is all about poker strategy. His other book "Bad Beats and Lucky Draws" is about playing on the tour and less about strategy. Hellmuth does answer poker questions with a depth that may leave the questioner scratching their head. He has become a guru about this game that he dearly loves to play. He would rather play against a seasoned pro than some amateurs. He believes that amateurs over play their hands to much and thereby cause him to play hands at a value he considers to high for the hand. His comments on amateurs while true may also show s crack in his playing skill that could be taken advantage of by a smart player

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