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Casino.com was established in 1997 and has been known since then as a major Internet gaming center. The Casino.com Network is starting a new offshoot of its online gaming center by publishing their new magazine that will appeal to anyone interested in gaming, gaining a better edge when gaming and sports betting. This new offering will contain information about all forms of gaming, interviews with industry figures or celebrities, surveys of the best gaming places, tips and tricks. Each issue will have a CD-ROM which will link the offline world with online world. The hope is this magazine will advance their motto of Casino.com Network Gives You and Edge. The CD will have software, screensavers, demos and movies. Much of this will be a promotion of some sort.

The Casino.com hopes that with this new publication that they will add to their online crowd and their growing readership. At present the readership is estimated to be around 200,000 which was expensively gained via advertising and a big push on the website.

The gamble by Casino.com is that the magazine will be well received and gain in paid readership. This thought is offset by some who think that this could have been a waste of a great deal of advertising revenue. There are those that think the magazine should have been a freebie that was sent out as a thank you to those that stayed with them for their online offerings.

Gaming enthusiasts are avid viewers of their online site and the site has a great deal of respect among the viewers. If the magazine really offers solid gaming ideas about how to play casino games so that the house edge is kept to a minimum, the magazine could be valuable to the readers that put the information to use. The articles will need to be written by gamblers that really know the games and not by writers that are just rehashing old information from some other gaming site.

Only time will tell if this new idea is a winner or a loser for the Casino.com The site gambled the money on this idea, so they believe that they made a good decision.

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