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Squandering Olson Twins

Squandering Olson Twins

The Olson twins thought they were playing with house money, so thy bet in a crazy fashion when playing on Celebrity Poker. They both became raise machines no matter what they held. Their play raised many an eyebrow and at the same time the were squandering their personal fortune as the money they were playing was their own and not house money as they thought it was.

When told what they had done, they were devastated beyond repair. The fact that these two ladies lost their fortune playing in a charity game is beyond the pale. A spokesman for the twins explains that the twins were never told they were playing with their own money. They thought it was for show and to get people interested to help the charity they were helping.

Players that played with the twins thought the two ladies were out of it or why would they be playing so wildly and uncontrolled with no bases in poker for the way they were betting. The hands they were raising on should never have still been alive, much less being used to raise the pot on.

It was bad enough for the twins that their latest movie was a flop at the box office, but now to lose their fortune in a charity poker game is an unmentionable. To try to help a charity and then find out that you are now broke due the money you lost in the charity game is beyond all understanding. If one was told this, the person being told would think they were having their leg pulled.

Contestants in this charity poker game should be obliged to sign a statement showing that they knew the money they were playing with was their own and not the houses. But in this case the twins were not told or is there any proof that they knew what they were doing in this poker game.

When they are sued to pay up, it will be interesting to see what happens as there are no signed documents. At least that is the latest rumor. There are other rumors that this episode is not a fact or that it never took place.

Disclaimer: The source of this news item is intended solely as satire and should not be viewed as factual context. Any similarity between the material on this site and actual people, behavior and events is meant purely in jest. All quotes by celebrities, agents, spokespersons and sources are manufactured and are not to be taken seriously or literally. In fact, this is all a put on FOLKS.

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