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$40 Dollar Million Dollar Tournament

$40 Dollar Million Dollar Tournament

PartyPoker has a tradition of holding Million Dollar tournament for Holdem players.  They have scheduled the nest one for June 26th in 2004.   A player can obtain entry by direct buy-in of $600 +$40 or try to win an entry by winning one of the satellite tournaments.   There are several of those with different entry fees.  The fees for the satellites start at $10 +$1 and go up to $64 +$5.  If a player wins a satellite they are automatically enter in the Million Dollar tournament

The winner of this tournament will be paid per PartyPoker standard rules for tournament payouts.  A player would be wise to read their rules so they know what to expect if they are the lucky winner.   PartyPoker has always enjoyed a reputation for having a large number of players on their site at all times and this makes all of their games easier to fill and keep filled.  This also means that a range of games can be offered at all times as there are players that are online and ready to play.  This makes this site very popular with all types of players and that is a big plus for a poker site.

Playing in games that are always full or start promptly as there are enough players if the sign of a very good poker site.  Another sign is a range of limits for different games.  A full schedule of tournaments is also a solid sign of a quality poker site.  PartyPoker meets all of these criteria.

PartyPoker has been known to give all of their players an opportunity to play in the games that they feel comfortable with as they have a range of limit games.
This huge tournament is the icing on the cake for players that like tournament Holdem.  Be aware that with this size of prize money, players can expect a large number of players to register in the satellite tournaments and in the event itself.  Any tournament with large participation means that the winner will not only have to be very good, but also very lucky and not run into monster hands along the way.  But, as the saying goes, somebody has to win the tournament and it could be anyone of the amateur players or the professional players who will sign up and play.  If you are feeling lucky come and play at PartyPoker.

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